Wolfenstein: The New Order Review: The Lone Wolf Returns |

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a no nonsense action romp fest filled with Nazi cannon fodder lining up for bullets to the brain. This gutsy action packed shooter takes no prisoners as it takes you on a joyous roller coaster ride through the first view perspective of a Super Soldier known as B.J. Blazkowicz.

This barreled chested, thick neck, muscle packed, blonde hair, blue-eyed soldier towering above most mortal men reminds us of the type of character the Author, Lee Childs describes in his Jack Reacher books. What we all unfortunately got when the movie came out was . . . Tom Cruise.

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Frankskint1613d ago

This game is so much fun to play.

henrythomas2841613d ago

Been a huge Wolfenstein fan from day one, glad to see Machine games doing this some justice.

ArronNelson1613d ago

great review this over the top action shooters don't really need the story to make much sense since the action is doing all the drama for you.

KinjoTakemura1613d ago

Everything about this game is fun. The variety of weapons, how blood spatters on the walls after you take out a Nazi, and the gunplay is excellent. I've read comments and reports about the game's Ai and I haven't seen anything worth mentioning. I'm playing on the 3rd difficulty setting, which is offering enough of a challenge to keep me engaged. This game definitely deserves an 8 in my opinion and no less than a 6.5.

Skate-AK1613d ago

Wish they still had some occult stuff in the game. Not a huge deal though. Sure the game is still great.