Will we be disappointed with Games with Gold on the One?

Taken from IM PLAYIN:

"I’ve done quite a few articles on Games with Gold of late. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the calibre of games on the Xbox 360 Games with Gold lately. Deadlight is great fun and Dust: An Elysian Tale is an absolute gem of a game. I’ve been addicted to Dust for the past few weeks and it’s the second best arcade game that I’ve ever played on the 360 (sorry Dust, State of Decay takes the number one position). Still, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the fact that the Xbox One was lacking in Games with Gold. But, thank my lucky stars, Games with Gold will be coming in June for the Xbox One! Is that not the most exciting thing that you’ve ever heard? No, well maybe after I’ve told you the games you’ll change your tune … maybe."

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admiralvic1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Without a doubt people will be disappointed with Games with Gold on the Xbox One. Why do I say this? Sony has given away indie games on day 1 (some of which were pretty awesome / strong titles like Don't Starve), yet there are a good number of people that ***** and moan about how the PlayStation 4 offerings don't stack up to the Vita or PS3 (like this is somehow fair or logical).

With that being said, why do people have these unrealistic expectations? Even the article mentions "all of this waiting I was hoping for a more substantial game. Perhaps Tomb Raider, Zoo Tycoon … maybe even Ryse." Like seriously, why do you assume that they're going to both, set the bar THAT high (you offer Ryse and then replace it with an indie game, people will just comment on how downhill the program went) and offer a title that cost a lot of money to make (not so much TR, though originally TR cost a lot)? It just simply doesn't make sense on any level and if you really think PlayStation Plus / Games with Gold should be offering things like that after a few months on the market, then you're in desperate need of a reality check.

Dwalls11711639d ago

Its too soon to tell. . . So far PS Plus has completely beaten out anything MS xbox division has to offer when it comes to subscription plans. . Is MS structures their system more like sony they have a chance

Bad part is PS NOW is around the corner. . . Im not sure what MS has to compete with that

AngelicIceDiamond1639d ago

@Dwalls Why does Sony HAVE to compete with everything Sony does?

PS NOW that will be a great service but that doesn't mean MS needs an answer for it. Sony has VR which I'm sure will see success but MS doesn't need an answer for it right now.

I guess MS needs an answer for an handheld right?

@admiral "Without a doubt people will be disappointed with Games with Gold on the Xbox One"

Yep ppl will continue the ongoing never ending complaint of GWG. Because people will always think about PS while downloading free games on X1 or 360. Some how the implied "majority of Live subscribers will complain and whine.

If people felt like they aren't getting good content they content they would switch to PS4 already.

Can we have Realistic point of views please.

AngelicIceDiamond1639d ago

@Dwalls "Why does Sony HAVE to compete with everything Sony does?"

That would be interesting lol.

but why does MS have to compete with everything Sony does?

Its not always necessary.

Dwalls11711639d ago

Guys please dont be naive . . .

Sony and MS are direct competitors of one another. . .

Everything they do is best the other smh...its buisness 101

lelo1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

PSN+ offerings for the PS4 until now is complete crap, with the exception of Resogun (decent game but way over-hyped).
50€ wasted for a year of psn+, down the drain... if these PS4 offerings don't improve, I sure won't be renewing my PSN+ account.

As for Games with Gold on the X1, let's wait a few months and see what Microsoft offers with it. They are off to a good start with Max: Curse of Brotherhood.

AceBlazer131639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Have you played any of the games on PS+? Of course you haven't because then you would realise the bullshit you just said. Resogun, Outlast and Mercenary Kings have been great games , I would've listed Dead Nation but I beat that on PS3 so I was bored with it on PS4.

How can you honestly say Resogun was the only good thing on PS+ and then go on to say Max Curse of Brotherhood is a good start?

DVS-Zev1638d ago

What's your PSN ID lelo? Just curious.

creatchee1639d ago

Thank god N4G and the internet is here to tell me what I will or won't be disappointed in. That way, I don't have to find out for myself or make an informed decision or anything antiquated like that.

xx4xx1638d ago

You also forgot to thank them for telling you to be disappointed in something that has yet to be released and yet to be announced beyond the first month.

Bigpappy1638d ago

I have a confession. I have never used "Games for Gold". I always had Gold since the first Xbox. For some reason when they offered games last year I had no interest (most I had already played or had no interest in playing).

I would not be disappointed for sure. Most indie games don't stay on my hard drive very long. We shall see what they offer. I don't play games just because they are free or cheap. My time is precious.

Gamer6661638d ago

I don't see how we will be disappointed. MS has been very clear that they offer two games per month on games with gold for each of the 360 and X1 platforms.

Since X1 is not swamped by indie games they will have to go to to the retail side quickly.

This thread is about MS Games with Gold offerings. The article does not have a single mention of Sony in it so your Sony comments are off topic.

admiralvic1638d ago

"This thread is about MS Games with Gold offerings. The article does not have a single mention of Sony in it so your Sony comments are off topic."

I wouldn't say my Sony comments are off topic, since PlayStation Plus isn't too far off Games for Gold and despite Sony offering something new every month, people seem to be disappointed and want full retail titles. Even the author of this article instantly jumped from being happy they're getting something, to expecting full retail titles like Tomb Raider and Ryse.

"Since X1 is not swamped by indie games they will have to go to to the retail side quickly."

Just counting games on Metacritic, there seems to be about 14 non-retail titles on the Xbox One. Even if that total doesn't change, M$ can continue giving Xbox One games at this pace for about 7 months. Maybe you consider 7 months quickly, but I certainly don't.

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XiSasukeUchiha1639d ago

In the beginning of the journey it will be disappointing but then it's gets better and better over time until it's reach a god status(Naruto Reference).

xDHAV0K24x1639d ago

GWG on XB1 shouldn't have the download time frame. The average gamer probably doesn't know they can que the games straight from and have it ready in their history to download whenever they want. I hope July brings us Crimson Dragon! I already own Max and Halo

jetlian1638d ago

i want all 3 just not paying for them. nutjitsu looks cool its 6.79 hope it becomes free soon. ill also take forza 5

GusBricker1639d ago

How can you be disappointed with something free?

mrpsychoticstalker1639d ago

True story. Games with gold promises to be awesome

SnakeCQC1639d ago

When competing services offer vast amounts more.....

Spikes14711639d ago

You do MS is offering two games a month. Also stop being entitled brat.

djplonker1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

no offence spikes but sony does 5 a month.....

SnakeCQC1639d ago

@ spikes Im an entitled brat for wanting the most for my money? its apologists like you who are the reason ms got away with soo much shit on the 360 like paywalls on seperate paid services like netflix or free services like youtube. Sony has been giving away a myriad of awesome games since the conception of ps plus!

GusBricker1639d ago


PS4 gives away 5 a month?

I've only had PS+ for a month now and all I found and DLed were: Mercenary Kings, Resogun and Stick it to the Man.

Dread1638d ago

Sony rents you games

Ms gives them for free.

BIG DIFFREENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Only at n4g most poeple (read sony extremists) do not see or ignore the difference.

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SnakeCQC1639d ago

Well if history is anything to go by then ye but the fact that ms took away the paygate on netflix shows us that ms is changing.

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