Free Swag for 3rd-Person Action RPG 'Anima Gate of Memories', Coming to PC, Wii U, Xbox One and PS4

Sixty-five backers have pleged a total of £2,162 for Anima Gate of Memories. To mark the occasion, Anima Project Studio is dispatching social media graphics for all to wear – it's free swag!

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HavokPants1665d ago Show
Skate-AK1665d ago

Lol. I read it wrong and thought they were giving away T Shirts.

Qrphe1665d ago

It's always the same thing with these kickstarters: "back this new 3rd person action adventure puzzle open world RPG that is like Minecraft with guns but plays like Zelda"

DanManDantheMan1665d ago

Of course of course. Don't forget to your tinfoil hat when you leave the house.

renerak1665d ago

Swag swag... Swag swag swag! Swag?