Wolfenstein: The New Order review: Nazis, robots, and gloriously dumb fun, oh my | PC World

It doesn't play like Wolfenstein, and it barely feels like Wolfenstein, but maybe that's a good thing—this is the best entry the franchise has seen in years.

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Aussiebeachbabe1613d ago

Great game. Having alot of fun with this one.


Its funny. You can tell its a younger generation reviewing this game. The fact from the title "dumb fun," shows they have never played any previous 90s shooters in theyre life. What a fool. I would read the review except the headline was ridiculous.

camel_toad1613d ago

I'm only 2 hours in but it has really surprised me. You can tell the devs cared about this one.

Aussiebeachbabe1613d ago

Camel toad great story too. Very under hyped this game.

Immorals1613d ago

I need this game.

Damned bills!

Plagasx1613d ago

Screw the bills buy the game!

Somebody1613d ago

I'm being caught up with the current, buying it now(just got out of the woods and catching up with 2 days worth of game news).

One of the first AAA FPS in a long while that I'll buy full price on launch week.

Immorals1613d ago

Had to settle with twitch streams. It's just the type of game the new gen needed

blakstarz1613d ago

Played for about 1 hour is awesome!

Vanakka1613d ago

If you played it for an hour it can't be to good right?

GuruMeditation1613d ago

I've played it for an hour and it seems fantastic, I just have a job to go to :/


Bout an hr in too, so good.