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Supergiant Games, creators of the highly acclaimed title Bastion, bring us another unique and fresh experience in their latest action-RPG game, Transistor. Transistor drops you into the world of Cloudbank, where every location and structure is analogous to computer circuitry, and every action deftly mirrors programing functions.

You play the role of Red, a famous singer living in the tech-noire Cloudbank, with nothing but silent emptiness surrounding you. As the story progresses, you find that your once powerful and lustrous voice has been stolen from you, leaving you completely incoherent. Along the way, you discover the Transistor, a powerful and mysterious weapon that holds the key to your salvation.

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GribbleGrunger1616d ago

All these high reviews scores! It's mine tomorrow.

KarlosTheKid1616d ago

This game wasn't on my radar at all until I saw these amazing reviews today. To be honest I knew next to nothing about the game.

The interview/review hybrid is a unique idea. And provides a nice insight into the development of the game.