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Konami Asked 'MGS4' Reviewers Not To Mention Cut Scene Length And Installation Time

MTV Multiplayer reports:

I've been told by two gaming media sources who asked to remain anonymous that Konami representatives had been asking print reviewers to keep some technical details out of their reviews, namely the length of the game's cut-scenes and the size of the game's installation on the PlayStation 3.

Such details wouldn't have been plot spoilers, but perhaps the publisher was concerned that they would be viewed as negatives?

Konami representatives declined to comment to me about any of this, as did editors of a few major video game magazines.

A couple of weeks ago, gaming blog Kotaku posted back-to-back links about the two supposedly off-limits topics. The size of the game's installation was spotted on the "MGS4" box. The other was a disputed report about the length of the cut-scenes.

So that technical information - accurate or not, I don't know - is getting out there. And that information about the game has been acknowledged by Eurogamer, which ran an "MGS4? review that mentions both things...

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Sorry guys it's not a rumour. Go read the IGN and Eurogamer reviews and they both note that Konami asked them not to detail installation and cut scenes. IGN states: "In return for letting us play Metal Gear Solid 4 before its release, Konami issued us with a list of things that we're not allowed to discuss. This list of prohibited topics is pretty long...One of those things that Konami doesn't want us to talk about is the 'total length of cut-scenes'."
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Bad Editing
rumour, not news, nothing confirmed
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Bad Editing
Sources:Konami Asked ‘MGS4' Reviewers Not To Mention Cut Scene Length And Installation Time
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Wrong story type
Should be
This is a rumor as well bro.
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so what if you have great cut scenes and an install for better playback? it works for the benefit.
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sonarus4804d ago

lol i can understand why they would do that. Everyone knows the cut scenes are long. Longest being somewhere between 40mins and 90mins. Am i phased...i already have pop corn ready in case i have to break it out. Kojima can BRING IT. If i could sit thru almost 4hrs of LOTR and grindhouse MGS4 will be a piece of cake

Superfragilistic4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

In regards to cutscenes.

IGN stated:

"One of those things that Konami doesn't want us to talk about is the 'total length of cut-scenes'. Hopefully it won't be bending the rules to far to reveal that they represent about half of the content of the game."

And Eurogamer:

"An unbelievably lengthy and self-indulgent epilogue - you can't call it a cut-scene, it's an entire film in its own right, and a deeply boring one too - is how Solid Snake's career comes to a close."

CVG confirmed this earlier saying it runs 90 minutes.

In regards to installs:

Eurogamer said:

"Take note, however, that there are several minutes of install time to be endured, not just at the start, but before each act - albeit graced with a fantastic animated graphic of Snake smoking next to some health warnings.)"

Install is 4.6GB based on packaging.

What amuses me is the wild fanboys in the Eurogamer review thread going beserk and saying Microsoft is doing something shifty for it to score 8/10 and here we have proof of Konami doing exactly what they've accused Microsoft of.

That's Shakespearean level irony right there! :)

ukilnme4804d ago

Eventhough I have not played any of the other MGS titles I decided to make this a day one purchase. You mention 40 minute and 90 minute cut scenes. Is that correct or is that all of them combined?

decapitator4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Whats with the sensationalist title ? Not having "sources" at the title gives this story a completely different meaning. Furthermore it's a rumor since it hasn't really been offically "confirmed" but then again,

this is N4G so it will probably get through and then a few intelligent by few intelligent posy people will be made along with bullsh!t posts as well.

Later Guys.

L. EDIT: Oh and:


Superfragilistic4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Well Eurogamer is the only who's let slip about the epilogue which they call "an entire film in its own right". So I'd say it's pretty reasonable to assume the ending goes for approximately 90 minutes.

Based on IGN and Eurogamer's statements. Half of the game's content is cut scenes. So I guess we're talking a lot of hours watchin the telly! :)

madness4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

play mgs3 and if u have time mgs2. mgs1 may be too out dated for you if u are big on graphics

90min is rumored to be of ONE cut scene. i am guessing it is probably the last one.

there should be hours of cut scenes in MGS4 -- since the story aspect in the series is what makes it so good

Superfragilistic4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Go read the IGN and Eurogamer reviews and they both note that Konami asked them not to detail installation and cut scenes.

IGN states:

"In return for letting us play Metal Gear Solid 4 before its release, Konami issued us with a list of things that we're not allowed to discuss. This list of prohibited topics is pretty long...One of those things that Konami doesn't want us to talk about is the 'total length of cut-scenes'."

@ solid12

That's correct. You can move the camera around during many cutscenes (check out cleavage like typical Kojima) and use Metal Gear Mk II and CCTV to fly around areas while dialogue's running. Also lots of cutscenes have that "Thomas Crown Affair" split screen effect happening.

@ukilnme below

Yeah mate. Here's the best primer you'll ever find and the most amazing thread you'll ever see!

solidt124804d ago

From what I hear you may want to keep your hand on the controller and off the popcorn during the cut scenes because you may have to interact and it may be to your benefit. that's all

ukilnme4804d ago

@ madness

Somebody mentioned a few days ago to just read up on the history that was posted on another website instead of playing through MGS 1-3. Do you think that would be better?

HighDefinition4804d ago

Cut scene length should have NO effect on the score or installs.

Mention that is crazy it`s like take points of a 360 game, cause certain one are more likely to get loud while spinning.

madness4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

i recommend playing mgs3 if u had to pick one of those titles.

the reason why is that the boss fights are one just of a kind. you can also get a sense of what the game play is like. and if you at least play through one of the games, you get a better representation of the characters.

i have read up on the stories after because they can get quite weird and complicated playing through at times. thankfully mgs4 is supposedly going to be a much better story teller.

but if you do read up on the characters, make sure you read up on:

the FOUR Snakes, raiden, ocelot, vamp, merly...
and i guess any of their girlfriends/relationships

ukilnme4804d ago

Thanks madness. I'm going to pick up Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection today along with NBA Live '08 for my son. I'm out people. Happy gaming to you.

Silellak4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

I agree that install space or time shouldn't affect a review score, unless it's something absurd like 15 gigs or an hour install.

However, cutscene length is a valid thing to adjust a game's score for. A review is an opinion, and if the person writing the opinion doesn't like long cutscenes, or at least, long and (in their opinion) boring cutscenes, they have every right to adjust the score for the story (and thus the game) appropriately.

Some people just don't like sitting and watching a story vs. playing. And this is a perfectly valid argument. I highly suspect, based on Yahtzee's previous reviews, that his review of MGS4 will largely harp on the long cutsenes.

Keowrath4803d ago

Ukilnme, I'd personnaly say play all 3 if you can. From your past comments on this site, you don't strike me as a "graphics whore" (parden the expression) all three are still amazing games with incredible stories and even more incredible characters.

I feel if you were to just read the history of the games you'd miss out on a hell of a lot. The 3rd one is renouned for making grown men cry due to the strong emotions the story delivers. Having said that, the 3rd is centred around Big Boss and not Solid Snake.

You're not going to have the same amount of respect for the characters by merely reading about them.

ukilnme4803d ago

@ Keowrath

You are correct, I'm more of a "gameplay whore. I just got back with Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection, NBA Live '08 (for my son) and God of War 2. There is no way that I will get through these before NG2 and MGS4 are released. I just don't have that kind of time. Looks like I will be going back and forth between these but maybe God of War 2 can wait until I'm done with the others. Thanks for the advice.

deeznuts4803d ago

I can't wait for this game. But 40 miins? 90 mins? That's a long time!

juuken4803d ago

Stocking up on snacks as well.

TheSadTruth4803d ago

everyone doesn't know the cut scenes are long.. I played MGS2 on the PS2 and don't remember super long cut scenes

the majority of gamers don't spend their time on gaming sites and would have no clue there's a 1 and a half hour long cut scene

dantesparda4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

I love Konami. Konami and Capcom are two of my long time favorite companies. When i was a kid i used to hook school with my friend Jose and go to the arcades and loved Capcom games, i thought they had the best graphics and the best games, I loved Ghouls'n'Ghosts and Strider. And for the Super Nintendo, i thought that Konami with Super Castlevania and all their other games thereafter looked great on the SNES, they showcased some of the best graphics on the system and sounds. But now fanboyism has gotten so bad, so rampant, that you even have what should be a respected company like Konami fearing the fanboys. The fault is not theirs but rather Sony's, but at least Sony is trying to "right" the situation. Look I have never owned a Sony system, but i respect them greatly for what they did with both the PS1 & the PS2. I had N64 during the PS1 days and the Xbox and GC during the PS2 days, but i couldnt help but notice all the awesome games that were on the Sony systems. Now i loved my Xbox and thought that it was great system and all and stayed out all night for the Xbox 360, but to tell you the truth while i am often impressed by the 360 i cannot honestly say that i think that its all that. See i came from the PC world before this (before i got the 360) and i was honestly expecting it to outperform the PC from the specs it had. And i can honestly tell you that it does not outperform the PC, at all. And that is the god honest truth. I dont care what you fanboys say. And the lack of true trilinear filtering and all the page tearing going on in the 360 was to much for me, and marred its appeal.

Now i dont think that the PS3 is any better, as a matter of fact, the more and more i look at it, the more the 360 proves itself to be better (but slightly, very slighty, and there are alot of things that i like about the PS3 better than the 360, so really they are almost a tie in my book). But that does not mean, that i will disrespect Sony or their product. And their system has been under so much scrutiny and such high standards, that now you even have a company like Konami afraid to let you know about the installation and cutscene lengths. I LOVE long cut scenes. I am a graphics whore, and love to watch even more than play half the time. I am not a big video game fanatic (so i dont always have to play). You know why? cuz I've been doing this since 1980 and guess what!? its gotten a little played out. So I dont have to play, I can just enjoy watching. I honestly do not really like the way the MGS series plays, but i LOVE, and i mean LOVE the cutscenes. And think that they are some of the best in the industry and the fact that its gotten so bad, so polarized with all the fanboyism and rating bias and side-taking that Konami feels like it has to hide these facts, is just sad to me. Be proud Konami, be real proud of your long cut-scenes and dont hide it. And let the gaming world know what you got. Anybody who is influenced by ratings scores, isnt a strong person, but rather an insecure little b!tch who doesnt know what he really likes, and a wimpy little b!tch that needs to be told what is good. Me, I've been in this game long enough to know what to expect to let some fvck i dont even know (who's opinion is that they could like d!ck better than pu$sy for all i know) tell me what is and isnt good. Peace out people and continue to fight each other over stupid sh!t

HateBoy4803d ago


MS asks reviewers to wait with their verdict untill they sort out issues present in review code... Get over it.

LiQuid revOlvEr4803d ago

Yea boi!!!
Long movies cos of a detailed and convoluted plotline
- im hooked

@ Superfragilistic - lets have a bit of that popcorn mate!

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heyheyhey4804d ago

he's right to do so

those two things are pro's for some and cons for other

or a pro and a con

the reviewers opinion on the matter would not reflect the general consensus in any way

for me- i like the long MGS cut-scenes, but im not to happy about the installations because i haven't upgraded my HDD yet

Veryangryxbot4803d ago

Why shouldnt they.

In what way does the fact that MGS4 might have an obligatory install take away from the gaming experience itself.

The fking xbots on the net nowadays do nothing but troll and spin everything related to the PS3 as negative.

MGS4 = fluid gameplay to cutscene achievement shocked many many reviewers...ONLY possible thanks to HDD.

SolidSnake934803d ago

If the cutscenes are too long for me, then I skip them. I think that everyone should do that. If you want to watch them, then watch, if you don't then don't watch them.

ravinshield4803d ago

but playstaion girls dont mind WAITING for the long cutscenes.They been WAITING since the ps2.5 came out so they're used to it, dont worry konami

Kleptic4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

ps2.5?...seriously man...that is the absolute lamest insult I have come across on this site...the PS3 is the ONLY current console that is way ahead of its predecessor in every single way...

the 360 on the other hand?...didn't the original Xbox have an HDD?...didn't the original Xbox have DVD?...didn't the original Xbox lack wireless built in also?...Wasn't the original Xbox actually somewhat reliable?...the 360 is an original xbox with the normal increase in ram and processing power, and pretty much nothing else...and loses some standard equipment...awesome...

you seriously need to avoid making commments on this site from now on...

the x.5 jokes are reserved exclusively for the 360...its not our fault, MS snatched the rights up back in 2005...

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pwnsause4804d ago

i dont understand what the big deal is about how cut scenes would be bad? it makes the quality of the game better, and helps you understand the story, love the double standard, stupid ignorant fools.

BulletToothtony4804d ago

They love to say stupidities.. installation time?? lol do they really think that i can't wait 4 mins to install the game to have better loading times and better textures..

And the saddest part is that they think that by mentioning that it has long cut scenes is a bad thing... idiots.. i have always loved mgs cutscenes, i always turn the volume up and watch them....

I wonder why some people just can't let it go...

If it was to be true, they asked not to mention it because they know sadly how biased the press is now a days... and they would make a huge deal out of it.. like these people are doing right now.. if i had to review it.. i would say it takes this long to install and it has great cut scenes

But knowing how some websites are all they would focuse on would be to talk crap, like eurogamer saying... "There's just too much going on" freaking idiots

zypher4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

well i'm a PS3-loving PS3 owner, and i can say that both installation time and length-of-cutscenes concerns me. i can deal with both, but they are still concerns, especially installation. don't mind the wait, just the space they take up. GTA IV and Oblivion together take up about 1/5 of my 55gig HDD.

Superfragilistic4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Personally I think the animosity towards Eurogamer is ridiculous and juvenile.

It's a review. They're subjective and opinionated by definition. Personally I can understand some people not wanting to sit through endless cutscenes or a 90minute epilogue. If that's a problem for them that's fine by me and I don't need to resort to name calling.

Some people like football (soccer), some people like NFL.

Eurogamer aren't freaking idiots, they just have a different opinion to yours. Opinions are not facts and nor is any review.

Get over it, get off Eurogamer and start cooking the popcorn for the best game you'll play on PS3 this year! :)



I know exactly what you're saying and I view MGS the same as you, but a reviewer is not just writing for you and I he is writing for a far wider audience than MGS fans. A reviewer has to write for all gamers, not just Solid Snake fans like you and I.

I think the scores harsh, but I just don't see the point in getting worked up about it. He's writing to a broader audience than MGS fans and is entitled to his/her opinion. Quite frankly I don't mind reviews from non-fans anyway simply because they balance out the overhype of other reviews, otherwise the experience is ruined for me (GTAIV case in point).

I often have regarded Kojima in the same way as my favourite filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Both have very distinct styles and very focused visions. People love his films or hate them. They call them masterpieces or pretentious.

I don't care, I play and watch what I enjoy, and at the same time recognise such diversity of opinion is what gave both Kojima and Kubrick the ability to make the art they have. God help us if everyone agreed, life and games wouldn't have any variety and would become quickly boring!

Now back to my popcorn preparations. :P

BulletToothtony4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

i understand what you mean, and you're right not everyone is gonna like the lengthy cutscenes.

But that's what mgs is made of.. if someone doesn't like the feeling of shooting people and seeing them die and blood splatter then they shouldn't REVIEW fps games. If someone has the attention span of a 5 year old then they shouldn't review mgs4, because it's a mature game, and the strongest part of the game is the story, you cannot complain about the length of the story when that's what the game is about.

But you cannot knock down a game for being what has been for years.. mgs have always had lengthy cutscenes, so i don't know why there is a problem..

It's a different type of game, and that's what makes it so good, of course it's not for everyone, but for the people who know about the franchise simply one of the best games ever..

@ 2.1 please be honest tell me.. have you ever played an mgs game b4

actas1234804d ago

Given the limited profits generated by having a website dedicated for reviewing games and other game related materials, I think its reasonable to think that Eurogamer and the rest of the reviewing community do take cash from game publishing companies. Some websites deal with this as a sort of a money game, their strength is the threat of bad review scores. Some publishers got this, others, inluding most of the JAP devs are yet to catch it because they are not very familiar to the overall situation.
Its safe to assume that many publishers do bribe gaming websites. but, Its not only the publishers fault.

Capt CHAOS4804d ago

I think there's a ref to install times between different scenes/levels too..

zypher4804d ago

its funny. i was actually gonna agree with your 2.3 response, until i read that little jib about me at the end. its cool though, if still funny that you would take my concerns about something you like so personal. but to answer your question: yes, i have played both MGS1 and MGS2. it is largely because of MGS2's clusterfeck of a story that i'm concerned about cutscenes. i understand that cutscenes has always been MGS' shtick, and for the most part they are enjoyable, but that still doesn't mean that i'm enthused to have to swallow my impatience to PLAY what promises to be an excellent game to sit through 50 minutes of inactivity.

as for installation times, maybe i should rephrase that. i have no problem with installation TIME, just the space it takes up. it'd be different if i had a 200 or 300 gig system, but all i have is the 60gig hdd that originally came with my system. more mandatory installs like this will render that 60 gigs paltry very soon.

BulletToothtony4804d ago

no man it wasn't a jib.. not at all.. i was really just asking..

like i said b4, the games is not for everyone, that doesn't mean you won't like it.. but in my opinion, i really liked the cut scenes in previous games..

i was wondering if you were concerned because maybe you had not played it b4, that's all. You see i am excited to hear more about the saga, it was like Lord of the Rings TRotheKing, some said it was super long and boring, i loved that it was long.. so i'm happy about the length, i was trying to see if that was the case with the game, but i guess an hour and a half (if true) would be way too long for some..

zypher4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

with so much fanboyism running rampant and ruining game sites, i guess i just jumped the gun a bit and took your question as an insult. lol. sorry about that. yeah, i can't remember a whole lot about MGS1's story, other than the fact that it was good, and that it had the best boss fights (having to switch your controller to control-slot 2 when fighting Psycho Mantis because he could read your mind/control-slot 1 input was classic). MGS2 was just confusing. it started off good with Snake trying to sing the oil-tanker, but after he was blamed for the disaster that followed and when Raiden showed up to become the main character, it just went downhill from there. i couldn't even deduce what was going on with the last three or so hours; something about everything that had happened with Raiden not being real but instead a training simulation. all i know is that, with com assistance from Solid Snake, i beat Solidus using a sword. i haven't played MGS3 yet, but i do know it deals with Big Boss. MGS4's story looks miles better than MGS2 though. watching the cutscenes in that one will be bittersweet lol.

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Alexander Roy4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Even if this is true, which I neither know nor care about, who wonders? Did anybody really think that the media alway tells you 100% of the truth? If, for example, there was a cutscene that would take two hours and Konami payed/"asked kindly" enough, all we would read would be "There are long cutscenes, that heavily emphasize the cinematic aspect of the game." If a game becomes repetitive, like the four missions you had to repeat in every town for three or four times in Assassin's Creed, all we read is "There is not much diversity.". Ninja Gaiden II, the same thing: "The difficulty is punishing yet rewarding." - which just means that most people won't be able to beat the game. The more a company is ready to pay for a review, the better the reviews will be. Hey, if you were the head honcho of a big gaming site and someone came to you and said: "I'll give you XYZ dollars if the game gets better than an 8/10.", wouldn't you at least think about it? You can't tell me everyone thought all the advertisements and banners and layer-ads were for free.

(I'd like to mention that I liked Assassin's Creed despite its flaws, love MGS and don't mind if NGII sells like hot cakes.)