Halo: Making Multiplayer ‘Free-to-Play’

Tom Barron, GIZORAMA - "The next game in the Reclaimer Saga; Halo 5: Guardians, will be coming to Xbox One in fall 2015, but I’m not as excited as you’d expect for the next outing in the acclaimed science-fiction series. Why? Because Halo's multiplayer is dead. Here's how to revive it."

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mhunterjr1704d ago


Halo 4 multiplayer fizzled out because it wasn't Halo multiplayer. It was COD multiplayer with a halo skin.

343 should know now that they need to return to what made halo MP so addicting. It was the balanced starting weapons, the importance of learning the map, and the ranking system.

They don't need to trick people into playing halo by offering it for free. They just need to deliver the halo game we asked for.

pompombrum1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

This pretty much. Halo's mp woes are purely because it didn't feel like Halo. There was also a complete lack of slayer maps and half of the ones in the playlist at launch were poorly designed.

One moment I'll always remember sums up Halo 4's mp for me.. Killed a guy and the very same guy killed me literally two seconds later. Looking at the kill cam which started before I had killed him, soon as he died he instant respawned, popped prom vision, sprinted up behind me and then finished me off.. three mechanics right there none of which belong in a halo game and have a drastic effect on the gameplay.

Mikefizzled1703d ago

I remember the rush for all the weapons at the start of the game in Halo 3. I think the lack of loadouts and having symmetrical maps is what made Halo and Gears of War multiplayer brilliant. Having your team split up going for power weapons was great. The Pit on Halo 3 and Blood Drive on Gears 2 were brilliant. End of.

Majin Uchiha1703d ago

This article fails, first comment said it Best

AllDayErrday261703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Comments = better insight than lousy article