Will the RetroN 5 create a retro revolution?

Retro gaming has steadily picked up over the last 10 years. The last generation of gaming gave life-long fans remakes and digital downloads of the classics that many gamers enjoyed. The RetroN 5 is right around the corner, and its release could mean several great options for gamers. The Gamers Lounge speculates that gamers could see a retro gaming revolution where interest in retro gaming grows, while dealing with the sudden influx of demand for retro games.

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Jyndal1638d ago

Why bother with this thing? Emulation is the way to go if you're into retro gaming.

abradley1638d ago

Nah, emulation can be a pain and often doesn't led to the same experience.

Orionsangel1638d ago

Not when it's done right and plenty do it right.

cj1pate1011638d ago

Yes a pain includes full hd support and hd textures upgrades. O not to mention online gaming for snes and other emu's, maybe you just suck with computers? -.-.

abradley1636d ago


Considering I'm an IT tech and have used computers since the early 90's, I would say I'm pretty good with them.

Emulation is a pain, always has been. Yes, once it's set up it usually works well but this hardware is coming out for the same reason modern consoles exists. Sometimes it's just easier and more comfortable to sit at a couch and enjoy games as they were with the original controls. No Windows getting in the way, just plain old retro goodness.

To say anyone sucks with computers just because they'd prefer a simpler way of doings things and enjoying themselves is retarded. Try having some respect for those who don't want to spend 24/7 at our computers.

savaroth1638d ago

There is a market for this. Emulation is a good option, but there are those that want the original physical games.

It would stand to reason that those people would also want to own the orignal consoles, however not everyone likes having several consoles around ( and the cable clutter that comes with that )and a lot of the older NES and snes have age-related problems. Controllers break down, etc.

As long as the price for a retron console is not to high and it works well enough with the classics, this device should do fine.

Orionsangel1638d ago

Collectors want carts, but not everyone is about collecting, some just wanna play the games in any form they can.

Dasteru1638d ago

Using the original controller and cart is the ONLY way to go for serious retro gamers. The Retron 5 provides that. The Retron 5 also does everything that PC emulation does.

cj1pate1011638d ago

Not everything online multi play for snes and hd texture upgrades. Sound like a know it all huh?

Dasteru1637d ago

It has HD enhancements and it may end up having online play also, Hyperkin hasn't stated anything one way or another about that yet.

abradley1638d ago

Looking forward to this but have been waiting ages.

Orionsangel1638d ago

Why can't they just add emulation to it. Have an SD Card or USB port and play every game ever. Carts are for collectors.

Dasteru1638d ago

It does work through emulation and it does have an SD slot. The SD slot is currently software locked though so it can only be used for save files and firmware updates. CFW could potentially unlock it though.