Transistor - The New Game From the Makers of Bastion - Is Out Today and it Looks Supremely Awesome

Clickonline writes: "Their second game is Transistor - again played from an isometric viewpoint it concerns the almost death and then more death-dealing of a former singer called Red. She's a former singer because she's now busy with the killing of all the things."

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incendy351611d ago

I wonder where the reviews are? Been looking forward to this game but not really looking to blind buy haha.

GribbleGrunger1611d ago

The review embargo lifts in 30 minutes so we should start getting them soon.

MasterCornholio1610d ago

The game has been getting very good reviews.


uth111610d ago

There were a lot of reviews for it on this site, but they didn't have the heat level to show up in most people's news feeds :(

SolidGear31610d ago

All the reviews have been posted over the past day. Mostly 9's and 10's

CardboardGun1610d ago

Watching that trailer, and I might get a lot of disagrees on this, but those guys should remake Final Fantasy VII for Square-Enix. That would be absolutely amazing, and their graphics treatment, I think, could be the perfect match and update to the old graphics of FFVII.