The difference between Watch Dogs’ heat system and GTA’s wanted level

XMNR: Since “Watch Dogs” is an open-world action-adventure game, it obviously shares some similarities with other titles in the genre including the current monster in the space, “Grand Theft Auto V.” Creative Director Jonathan Morin talked with Examiner about the differences in how Aiden Pearce attracts the attention of the police in Ubisoft’s game versus the characters in Rockstar’s latest.

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RuleNumber51707d ago

Very interesting to learn the different between the two. Happy Watch Dogs won't call the cops on me when I take out the only person within a square mile. Appreciate the basic realism there.

sander97021707d ago

Finally a new and interesting wanted system, the last good one was in Mafia 2 IMO

FayZ_1706d ago

GTA V ha no cops patrolling, its no fun messing around & not bumping into an officer on the way... ruined the experience

user56695101706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

im wondering why we are getting most of the information about this game, so close to release. information like this should have been told to us for the longest. i dont even remember the devs talking about the gameplay besides hacking. they needed to stop focusing on gfx and let people know how its different from other games, and what gameplay elements will keep the players playing.