Ubisoft dev happy to see company ‘had the balls’ to delay ‘Watch Dogs’

XMNR: “Watch Dogs” was originally scheduled to launch alongside the Playstation 4 and Xbox One last November. Ubisoft made the decision to delay the game to May 2014 just one month prior to its scheduled release. This decision to go with the delay wasn’t without risks but it was one that Creative Director Jonathan Morin was happy that was made.

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WeAreLegion1613d ago

I'm glad, too. We all saw what happened at launch. Battlefield 4 is STILL broken.

WeAreLegion1613d ago

Ha. I am pretty excited for GotG. Love that new trailer.

Army_of_Darkness1613d ago

If this is the case, then all of Sony's first party studios must have titanic balls by now ;-)

Display1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

And delayed all for what ? It's still not the best looking open world game on the market (that one easily goes to Infamous SS with better textures , better lighting , animation , better particle system etc..),

And it's not even running at 1080p on consoles , the map is smaller than in gta 5.

It probably was delayed because it couldn't possibily compete against GTAV.

Meltic1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Do you even know what you are talking about ?. Infamous SS and Watch dogs uses same graphic Engine the diffrent is the frame rate and resolution. 900 p vs 1080 p you cant see the diffrent so much. 900 p can even be better in some Points. My Point is dont judge and compare other games. This game is about hacking. A next gen game isnt just Graphics. its about the NPC's in the city how many on camera etc. The npcs in Watch dogs is incredible smart and looks like humans and they act like humans. In gta 5 they are just Walking and do nothing. Read this coming from a game tester that played WD. (An NPC taking a piss against someones car that ended into a fist fight because the car owner got mad.) From Kimberlie Brink on twitter from WD gameplay ). Thats next gen my friend.

TFJWM1613d ago

Umm where do you get that watch dogs uses the same engine as infamous:ss . I've read the ubisoft built a new engine dubbed disrupt for watch dogs not sure how sucker punch could have been using that also....

shivvy241613d ago

sP use their own engine

Meltic1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


Jonathan morin told us ( at twitter that they are using the same graphic Engine for the ps4 and Xbox one. I know that suckerpunch is using their own. But its basically the same and what i mean with same its the Lightning effect, rain effect. If you look closely when playing infamous ss when u take out the command guards you can see that the wind is reflected of their clothes as well. Join for the latest WD news and you dont need to ask SOURCE again.

spacedelete1613d ago

have you even watched any of the latest Watch dogs trailers ? the AI looks as dumb as a kid with F grades. the game looks worse than GTA IV nevermind GTA V. only reason Ubisoft delayed it was because how well GTA V sold. they even copied the delays Rockstar are known for. Watch dogs looks like shite, plays like shite and the AI is shite.

your essentially buying an ugly turd. its not even a polished turd haha.

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rojann1613d ago

It's not always about the graphics. What if the game was buggy or the game didn't have enough content back then? Ever thought of that?

Plagasx1613d ago

They have big balls. I like big balls.

MasterCornholio1613d ago

I like big butts better.


Aussiebeachbabe1613d ago

Now we will see if it was worth a delay on the 27th.

Chapter111613d ago

They needed that time to work on the 5 different collector's editions. And to announce that this is already being turned into a mega franchise.

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