VR vs. Glasses

VRFocus - We’ve been told time and time again that virtual reality (VR) is for absolutely everyone. We’re assured that anyone can slip on a headset such as the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus and enjoy a wide variety of experiences. But many times we hear this comment from developers or enthusiasts it refers to content and demographics. By ‘everyone’ they mean ‘not just gamers’, as VR is set to be utilised for films, virtual tourism and is already at work in medical and military sectors, with a range of other possibilities yet to be explored. What the answer usually dismisses is compatibility.

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incendy351639d ago

Augmented Reality is much more accessible than Virtual Reality, but they are so very different. You could do augmented reality inside of virtual reality, but not vice versa.

I do think Augmented Reality will be more popular in the long term though. Especially if ideas like the Illumiroom make it so you don't have to wear anything.

The biggest hurdle for Virtual Reality is the idea of wearing helmet and also the fact that it is a little unsettling. I don't think we will ever reach a point where mainstream users will want to strap something to their head.

annus1638d ago

And once upon a time people didn't want to use entire rooms to fit a computer in their house, but they walk around with them in their pockets now.

The way I see it is AR will be used for every day tasks, such as driving, walking, etc. VR will be used for entertainment purposes the way TV and gaming is at the moment.

This article wasn't actually anything to do with AR though, so I'm not really seeing how this comment was relevant.

The Great Melon1638d ago

You can easily do virtual reality inside augmented reality. Simply block out the view of the real world and your augmented reality becomes virtual reality. I look forward to the world where my prescription glasses double as an overlay display a la Dennou Coil.

level 3601638d ago

Just a suggestion, why don't they build adjustable ( soft and durable rubberized ) flaps on the outermost edge surrounding the goggles that can be increased to up to a couple of centimeters/inches to fit people who wear varying sizes of prescription glasses.

Aussiebeachbabe1638d ago

TV and controllers best by my opinion. Not into this vr or ar. Couldn't imagine wearing this stuff for a few hours. No thanks. Some people will like though so good for them.

Bytor1638d ago

Augmented Reality may give people God like powers and you can ask Pierce Bronson or William Shatner that having god like powers may not be a good idea.