VGU Talks: What To Expect From Sony’s E3 Conference

With E3 around the corner, what can we expect from Sony during their live conference? Project Morpheus possibly on show, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles being announced and more developers showcasing their games currently in rotation for this year.

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shallowpoint1666d ago

The RPG is GG. Watchdogs will be out May 27th, why would it be @ E3? I want to see Project Beast!!

kyon1471665d ago

It's always interesting to see what happens at E3 I think it will be a big line up from Sony for the PS4 as they have been mega quiet.

MasterCornholio1665d ago

The calm before the storm.


SoapShoes1665d ago

They learned their lesson by announcing things way too early with PS3 games. They are after Microsoft so I'm sure they will keep things undecided to see what's necessary to reveal. They will save things for Gamescom and TGS like always.

SonyStyled1665d ago

whats odd this year with sony is that typically by now they announce a few game announcements just prior to E3 to get the gamers hyped up for sony. this year theyve been fairly quiet and we know very little about what will be at this years E3

Emanno1665d ago

I expect something I don't know yet. I expect someting huge & impressive.

akaFullMetal1665d ago

They have been very quiet lately about e3, that eother means a good thing or a bad thing? Lets hope they blow us away.!

MysticStrummer1665d ago

Usually they reveal more during the months before E3. I'm hoping that means lots of good surprises this year. They shouldn't rest on their early gen laurels.

SoapShoes1665d ago

They won't and never have.