EA Sports UFC latest trailer shows the Great Work put in Designing the Fighters

SegmentNext - "Electronic Arts has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming fighter game EA Sports UFC. The trailer shows off the work EA has put into developing the fighters, with their real-life counter-parts aiding in the design and execution of play".

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stavrami-mk21611d ago

I saw some gameplay yesterday on ign , although I love ufc and will be picking it up I'm not expecting any miracles. The gameplay was very rigid

CerebralAssassin1611d ago

Joystiq just posted an entire round of pettis vs aldo. Looks good. Looks a lot like undisputed which is surprising to me. Looks good though. Im excited.

Tiqila1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

looks like another incremental upgrade from one of ea's sports titles. Why trying harder when salesnumbers are alright anyways? How many other UFC games are there atm? Exactly.

Oh, and they still do look like plastic.

Clover9041611d ago

This is EA's first UFC title.

Tiqila1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

guess I mixed them up, ufc undisputed was from thq that is true. Still there are two similar games from EA which are MMA and Fight Night, not the same sport, fair enough. However, this all new EA sports UFC game does look incremental to the other two EA sports franchises that feature fighters and a ring.

Clover9041611d ago

Cannot wait. Thought the gameplay from yesterday's video looked great. Loved the way Aldo bobbed his head and Pettis relaxed his arms at his side when he got some distance. Looked natural. Not sure if those were player input or automatically happen during the fight, but I'm hoping for the latter.

aerisbueller1611d ago

So many developers that do impressive motion/performance capture, who get so close to making things look right, but 99% of them make the eyes not track to anything, so they look like weird mannequins with fixed eyes whenever the head moves even in subtle ways like walking.

TrollingKoala1611d ago

I think it has potential but just remember that this is EA so there will probably be one every year going from this year so be wary.