Why THQ canned Bulletstorm dev's LA Noire-like game, Come Midnight

Before Bulletstorm, Polish studio People Can Fly spent a year making a very different game

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jay21616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

FFS, just cause it's not a game like COD.I hope this game does come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellsvacancy1616d ago

I played two levels of Bulletstorm when it was free on ps+, never went back, I love brainless crap but I don't like crap brainless crap, if I was 15 and hadn't played as many games as I have I "may" of liked it

This game however sounds alright, it's a shame we never got to see it

DoctorJones1616d ago

I'm 37 and I've played a load of games in my time, and I still managed to enjoy Bulletstorm. I finished it in fact. It was a bit of a silly game, and the swearing was over the top, just as much of the game was.

There's plenty of room in the gaming world for dumb,silly but enjoyable games.

LambOfLucifer791616d ago

Bulletstorm was great mindless fun, but it seemed like Gears light to me with more toilet humor

SolidGear31616d ago

I loved Bulletstorm. Got it day 1 in fact. Would've loved to see this though.

Chapter111616d ago

Because the market doesn't have enough half baked first person shooters, obviously.

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