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Wolfenstein: The New Order is presented as a worked and care game. His story, though simple, is filled with characters more volumetric than you usually see in this genre. But if you give it a opportunity and see beyond swastikas and pieces of brain bathing the walls will be a title with a round finish and robust and well thought out gameplay.

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joydestroy1639d ago

so mostly 8-9's for this game. 8.5?

MasterCornholio1639d ago

That actually sounds pretty good for a game like this. Its sitting on a 79 on Metacritic which is quite good considering how easily the score can change with a few bad reviews.

JJShredder1639d ago

Glad to see this game getting some good reviews. It seemed people were pretty much writing this game off before it released.

Sarcasm1639d ago

I was one of them, now I have to check it out.

Killa781639d ago

I think the lack of multiplayer makes this a hard sell but from what I've seen, the single player looks fun.

BadlyPackedKeebab1639d ago

I held off but ran out and picked this up at lunch. Its got high enough scores that I know it will at least fill the void until WD is out next week.

My only reservation was Thief scored quite well in places and that was f-ing terrible.

This evenings session will tell all...

Revolver_X_1639d ago

Exactly. I didn't want to buy a dud, so I was waiting for reviews this morning. I will get it when I get off work today. Its good enough to occupy me until WD gets here.

teedogg801639d ago

Good to hear. Will be picking it up in about an hour.

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