Preview: A Story About My Uncle [Expansive]

First-person platforming is hard to get right. As anyone who has reached Xen in the original Half-Life can tell you, judging things like jump distances and depth can be extremely difficult when you can’t even see your own feet. And yet, perhaps because of the fact that most sensible games won’t go anywhere near first-person platforming these days it’s often difficult not to get excited when you see one in action.

There’s a certain rush to be had in 3D platformers that their two-dimensional brethren lack, and a smug satisfaction to be found in getting a perfect line far more akin to that of an extreme sports game than a traditional platforming experience. It’s for that reason that Titanfall is a popular niche in an otherwise Call Of Duty-loving world, and it’s why we’re waiting with bated breath to hear more details about the new Mirror’s Edge sequel.

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