Far Cry 4 Cover Character Is Not The Player And He's Not White

Ubisoft quells some doubtful controversy with a quick tweet.

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Chuk51617d ago

That cover just gives me bad vibes. The same way Far Cry 3's "white saviour complex" gave me vibes. The dude that wrote FC3 also wrote child of Light and the writing is the worst thing about that game. I don't know how he still has a job writing game stories and dialogue because he's terrible at it.

dieger1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Eh i have never cared much about story and characters in the far cry series i always preferred blowing up shit and paragliding way instead of enriching story. :D Vass is amazing though hope he gets a cameo.

SCW19821616d ago

I can't believe you think the writing in child of light is bad. Thumb down for such a childish comment.

plaZeHD1616d ago

When did having a personal opinion translate to being childish?

morganfell1616d ago

He didn't give a thumbs down for an opinion. It was awarded for the content of the remark. As is his right he disagreed. Chuk5 didn't state his or her case with examples to support their view but rather decided to to comment on the writer's skill. A writer who has a job in an industry which they do not.

As regards opinions, simply the right to have one does not make them always welcome. Particularly when they are little more than unsupported accusations and attacks.

And by your actions and words you apparently feel that SWC1982 isn't entitled to his own opinion.

Exies71616d ago

I felt the same way about FC3. While the gameplay itself was solid and even innovative at times, the story was just ridiculous. The story itself pushed me away from FC3, until one day I just eventually decided to finish it.

In fact, some of the first things I researched about FC3 was if other people felt the main characters were completely shallow, spoiled, unlikeable, and silly. The villains weren't any better with the exception of Vaas. But hey, you'll get a plethora of dislikes, as everybody seems to think the Far Cry series can do no wrong.

But yes, I agree with you. I refused to buy COL because of the same writer.

SoulMikeY1616d ago Show
mixelon1616d ago

Child of light's writing is great if you consider what it is and who it's aimed at.

extermin8or1616d ago

Disagree.... the fact he was a rich white kid pulled out of his depth trying to save his friends was fine. What wasn't fine was the weird tribal tatoo's thing they had going on and the fact all the natives on the island etc that were in the tribe seemed to totally insane... that was an issue. It's not like all his enemies were black guys there were plenty of white enemy unit's so really I don't see what relevance skin colour has in this discussion about the quality of the story? It shouldn't matter either way if the protagonist is black or white or Asian etc.

3-4-51616d ago

The cover reminds me of Saints Row = Cringeworthy

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csreynolds1617d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I don't understand why people dig for controversy in video games nowadays. When I saw the cover art for Far Cry 4, my first thought wasn't "oh my God, racism / homophobia / imperialism / sadomasochism / [insert controversial issue here]". Perhaps that makes me ignorant, I don't know, but IMO people need to stop scrutinising video games for a reason to be offended.

I don't care if my lead character is black or white, male or female, rich or poor, gay or straight - as long as it fits the context or the title's narrative, and as result delivers an enjoyable and engrossing gaming experience. Besides, given we have nothing but a cover art image to go on at this time, is it not a bit daft to be jumping to conclusions and making bold claims re: Far Cry 4 with no evidence to reinforce them?

Vystrel1616d ago

But..but... If he isn't gay then it's oppressive!

mogwaii1616d ago

Reading your attempt at sarcasm was oppressive.

Tetsujin1616d ago

The media these days isn't happy unless they nit pick at something gamers like us don't even care about; also stories that have to bring up sexuality/race is a sign of slow news. Why not talk about something like DRM, or charging for online play, or how companies milk franchises for extra $ instead of "OMG this character 'looks' gay so we have to bring it up, and see if we can get answers from the publisher."

When I enter the gaming industry, stories that question my decisions I'll reverse into free advertising and hype - not as direct attacks from people with low education.

AnotherProGamer1616d ago

the reason people look for some controversial issue in games is so people view their website/blog and to get money from the ads

Activemessiah1616d ago

Well... it looks LGBT friendly so we won't be hearing complaints about feeling excluded anytime soon.

DragonKnight1616d ago

Unless the protagonist isn't a woman, or if it IS a woman but with a large chest. Or if the main motivation for the protagonist is to rescue a woman... who has a large chest.

elhebbo161616d ago

The ones complaing are probably people that don't even play video games to begin with, probably finding a reason to bitch and post there feelings on twitter or something.

elhebbo161616d ago

hashtag activist? tumblr warriors? people who feel like defending something thats not even that serious like this stuid race issue at hand? that ring any bells?

yazter1616d ago

I buy my games at full price AND I've platinumed 170.

And I'm gay.

Clearly I'm a valued customer and consumer.

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