Daylight Review - The Digital Fix

Lots of things can make a grown man crap his pants – a giant camel spider hidden within a pair of trousers should do the job nicely, or maybe even a coconut crab placed about half-way down the bed under the covers. Another example we could add to our nascent list would be a well-made horror game, something crafted to perfection and intended to be played alone in a dark room. Even the genre name can send a chill creeping down the spine of the unwary gamer, their heart already racing with the anticipation of the scares ahead of it. While horror games, both pure and survival, are still being churned out it’s rare to find one that technically innovates, and yet that’s what we’ve got with Daylight a straight up horror release for the PC and PS4 that has the honour of being the first released game created with the Unreal Engine 4 – no pressure then.

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