Wolfenstein: The New Order Day 1 Patch Is A Huge Download But Not Mandatory

GearNuke: "Earlier this week, we reported on how Wolfenstein: The New Order will have a huge patch available for their users on Day 1. The patch will be available for both, the PS4 and Xbox One. We can confirm now that this patch isn't essential to download if you just want to boot the game and start playing it right away. Ofcourse, it is better if you download the patch since it probably contains bug fixes judging from the size of it."

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Future_20151665d ago

There is also a pc patch along with the console patches, I'm only getting 30fps at 4k nearly maxing out everything which is poor considering I'm getting more fps on crysis 3 maxed out at 4k so hopefully the patch will fix this

DarkLordMalik1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

What is the size of the PC patch.

It seems like the ID Tech engine is just a mess overall. =/

Edit: 10 GB Patch? Whoa, what? This is RIDICULOUS.

Future_20151665d ago

im now hearing its like a 10gb patch but im sure its not out yet on steam

Studio-YaMi1665d ago

Exactly what are your rig settings if you can max out crysis 3 with(better fps than 30) on 4k res?

Would you mind sharing?
I know you have no bubbles left,a personal message will do.

UltraNova1665d ago

I am not an expert but at 10GB it should be called a whole game not a patch...

Hey future_2015 what are your specs man?

Future_20151665d ago

They better put the patch out soon, the game runs like a blind man trying to walk a street crossing, also i have the latest nvidia driver and there seems to be very little SLI scaling

Criti-Choco1665d ago

are you sure that you are on the latest drivers? they released some drivers about a week or 2 ago that added wolfenstein SLI and watchdogs SLI profiles, the patch was not listed on the official site.

I only found out this morning on the geforce forums.

guru3d (dot) com/files_details/download_nvi dia_geforce_337_81_beta_driver, 2.html

Littlebigalex1665d ago

Yeh I'm at 4K too, and performance is worse than Crysis 3 and BF4! There's something seriously wrong

masterfox1665d ago

well thats more like it.

Activemessiah1665d ago

How can 10GB not be mandatory? o_O