Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs Xbox One GIF/Screenshot Comparison Shows Sharper X1 Version

Wolfenstein: The New Order is finally available for North American and European players across current and next gen platforms. Bethesda has confirmed in the past that both versions run at a 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

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GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

What an awful comparison. Using low-quality GIF's to compare two games? You say the X1 has worse textures? I just can't see that in those low-quality GIF's. The textures look identical to me.

The comparison at is much better, they actual use 1080p screenshots-

PS4 - https://farm3.staticflickr....

X1- https://farm6.staticflickr....

The PS4 version clearly has better anti-aliasing. If you're gonna compare two 1080p least use 1080p screenshots for comparison, not low-quality GIF's and 720p, non-direct feed screenshots.

gameseveryday1637d ago

Texture streaming issue is the not the same as poor textures. So you got that point completely wrong.

Plus the article states this: "Keep in mind that this is just an initial impression - we'll have a more comprehensive analysis of the game's visuals on the Xbox One and PS4, especially with regards to their respective frame-rate performances, later this week."

GarrusVakarian1637d ago

So why wouldn't they just wait for a comprehensive analysis? Why say something that isn't true, when other sites who ARE doing proper analysis comparisons, are saying otherwise?

Using two, 1080p-native screenshots like have, clearly shows the PS4 to have a crisper picture due to better AA.

gameseveryday1637d ago

You need to read the article again. The first GIF clearly shows texture streaming issues while the weapons look sharper.

The shots from gamepur are not 1080p.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Oh yeah, you're right about the texture streaming on the X1, i didn't notice it at first, but they do take a second or two to load at the very start of the GIF.

And the gamepur shots are 1080p. Save them to your computer and it will say they are 1920x1080. They are compressed a lot though, i admit. But the screenshot i linked below, from this site, is 846x468, lmao. They aren't even 720p, like i thought they were.

What im saying is, this site says the X1 is sharper whilst using tiny screenshots, but the gamepur 1080p shots clearly show the PS4 to have better anti-aliasing. I'm not arguing about which is best, i really couldn't care, i'll be buying the game on PS4 regardless. I just think that this site should be putting more effort into their comparisons. And if they are planning on putting more effort into another comparison at a later date...then they should just do nothing until then. Because it spreads misinformation to some people who use these comparison when deciding which platform to buy a game on.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago

Also, to even further prove just how much this comparison is a load of garbage, you can go over to the 'console screenshots' thread over at NeoGAF, where people are uploading their direct-capture screenshots from their PS4's, which reveal no such "blurriness" that these low-res "screenshots" show.


And this -



GribbleGrunger1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Well that puts a end to it Lukas. Only the clinically insane would consider the bottom image to be an accurate representation of the game after they'd seen the direct-capture screenshots. I wonder if we'll see more of these 'questionable' comparisons in the future when occasionally both versions have the same resolution and framerate?

GameNameFame1637d ago

X1 pictures looks bit more blurry and more jaggier.

Look at the cockpit window and the frames and bolts.

Can easily pick up for jaggies.

BG115791637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I've seen the bone's version at a near by store. I don't know if it was the level or something, but OMG, the textures looked so bad!!!
They were all blurry and lacked so much detail.
Strangely there was no booth for the PS4. I just the game looks better on the Ps4.

Pro Racer1636d ago

Lol using gifs for a graphics comparison. Next lets compare graphics between two 360p YouTube videos...

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DarkLordMalik1637d ago

These GamePur screenshots are not direct-feed. They seem to be from some video. They are horribly compressed. Not a good way to judge the quality.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yeah, you're right. But they're still way better than this -

I mean...cmon. Even the text on the left is blurry, lol. How can any self-respecting site think that screenshot is good enough for a 1080p comparison in this day and age?

marloc_x1637d ago

If the pics had no titles, NO one would have a clue which was which..

GribbleGrunger1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Here we go again with the higher contrast, crushed blacks = 'sharper'.

edit: Lukas, I wasn't even going to comment on the differences between the two games because they're both in 1080p/60fps but when I saw that 'sharper' image nonsense being used yet again, I just couldn't help myself. I really don't think this game warrants a versus article anyway.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I was led to believe the 'black crush' was fixed a while ago, but you're right, this comparison does still seem to have it for the X1 screenshots. It's not anywhere near as bad as it was before though. And it's easily rectified by changing the gamma level on your TV.

mmj1637d ago

Microsoft only removed a hideous sharpening filter that created lots of digital noise artifacts, the black crush remains as it did throughout the 360's lifetime.

Kavorklestein1637d ago

Black crush is reduced by a lot. I remember how strong it was on Battlefield 4.

If they are the same pixel count, and one looks better because it has better contrast, then you can't deny that the stronger contrast looks better just because you can scream "crushed blacks" about it.
Anyways, it's all opinions in the first place.

If most people seem to think it looks sharper, then maybe you guys should beg sony to change the ps4 to have crushed blacks too?

If you guys don't want the crushed blacks, then don't be mad that the xb1 has them and that they DO make things look sharper than they would be without it!

Just because you can create a name for the contrast ratio difference doesn't change the fact that it looks more real, vibrant and defined because of it.

Just because you can change your settings around doesn't change the fact better contrast looks more appealing, hence, why you even MENTIONED adjusting the contrast...

It's a whole other ball of wax to say that the more washed out image looks better, just because you can change yours to match.
As far as aliasing goes, I'll agree, that less aliasing is always better.

It's part of the pro's and cons of any system.
I agree that the aliasing is more noticeable in some XB1 shots, but I've looked at several other articles on other sites as well, and it's consistently more satisfying to see the definition and darker color with the crushed blacks than it is to see slightly less aliasing on a more washed out image.

When I play a game, I like the overall look of a scene, I'm not going to hate a game I'm playing because some metallic surfaces or windows have .0001 % less aliasing.

It's all subjective, and nobody is right or wrong in all honesty.

Crushed blacks is a bad excuse for what you're saying cuz it's not over the top like it used to be (BF4) it's actually balanced and perfect now.

If anything, the PS4 would do well to mimic or default to a similar setting, because most people, in this game's case, are saying that the contrast and sense of "sharpness" it brings looks good.

Anywho, opinions, opinions, right?

FalloutWanderer20771637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Agreed. One major point that needs to be driven home is that a lot of these comparison articles fail to show exact in-game camera angle and scene. etc.

To add to what you said above - the main difference looks to be AA and any noticeable "difference" between the two,say the more washed out look on the ps4 shots can easily be rectified with a few minutes of tv/monitor setting tweaks for the most part,maybe not exact but certainly it will help. That is prob. the easiest and most simplified way of showing a diff. between quality t.v. & monitor screens and not so good screens. The ability to have inky dark blacks AND still have excellent shadow detail along with nice looking accurate colors. ( LCD tends to be more vibrant yet majority are less accurate - Where Plasma tends to be more accurate at the expense of less vibrancy,not all the time,depending on model & make but most of the time this is the case.)

Since I am a PC user my other point and question would be do the One and PS4 offer color-space options like last gen? I will assume they do,right?

It appears to me like they could have something to do with any contrast-washed out colors and crushed blacks etc. Curious to see an answer to that.

The black level settings as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone's displays are not created equally.

It is the reason I bought an outrageously expensive Pioneer plasma Kuro a few years ago,which sadly I no longer own...Point is,I bouht it for the black levels and accurate colors.

Now this is not directly related to this particular comparison,although it can relate. If the new consoles have color space options tyey need to be set up properly depending on if you are using a t.v. or a monitor for one.

IIRC the 360 had 3 different options relating to black level and I certainly remember them making a bit of difference. Particularly with blacks being crushed and losing shadow detail.

FalloutWanderer20771637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Before anyone misconceives what I was trying to say right here -

"tv/monitor setting tweaks for the most part,maybe not exact but certainly it will help.

That is prob. the easiest and most simplified way of showing a diff. between quality t.v. & monitor screens and not so good screens. The ability to have inky dark blacks AND still have excellent shadow detail along with nice looking accurate colors.

LCD tends to be more vibrant yet majority are less accurate - Where Plasma tends to be more accurate at the expense of less vibrancy,not all the time,depending on model & make but most of the time this is the case."

Easiest way I can express it would be - The avg.& below avg. tv/monitor,when colors look washed out,picture is too dark or too bright,merely changing in-game and screen settings to achieve a "darker more contrasty" image can only take you so far until eventually you end up with crushed blacks and lose shadow detail.

An upper tier t.v./monitor display will achieve this without loss of shadow details and crushed blacks. ETC. ETC.

I point this out only for those who are curious and do not know a lot about this stuff. Hopefully not too off-topic but I believe it is extremely relevant and important.

An just for reference, I play on PC. so I hold no bias at all. Although I've owned just about all of the consoles since Nintendo.

I feel it Had to be said in my own defense before neg. votes and vile came careening my way haha.

Ever since joining this site and the two years I've lurked here, all I see anymore certainly now with the new consoles launching is incessant bashing and borderline idolatry when it comes to preferred platform of choice lol ;)

Play,relax,enjoy yourself and get lost in the escapism that gaming brings. Stop with all the immature tedious bitching and slinging shit at other people. We all share the same love and hobby.

MorePowerOfGreen1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

You think that's black crush? The PS4 version is milky like the gamma was turned up too high or brightness. the PS4 version lacks depth and has no contrast whatsoever. LOL blaming PS4's shortcomings on XB1. Some of the lighting effects and textures are toned down on the PS4 version and the colors are off.

Sorry bro the world does not have a milky haze to it.

DoesUs1637d ago

Oh Green, why must you be son defensive over your choice of product? Black crush is real, its all over the net, but you keep closing your eyes to it. You do love these off screen captures if it somehow makes XB1 look better, yet you don't like DF, even last gen you always said "wait for DF analysis".

Flippety Floppity.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )


"The PS4 version is milky like the gamma was turned up too high or brightness. "

Exactly....the gamma, or brightness, was turned up. Which are both settings on your TV. So it's clearly not the game, which is proved by the direct-capture screenshots that i posted above.

"the PS4 version lacks depth and has no contrast whatsoever. "

Your delusion is literally playing with your eyesight, ive seen this happen before. Contrast, again, can be changed on your TV, or even in-game.

"Some of the lighting effects and textures are toned down on the PS4 version and the colors are off. "

Some colours aren't "off". To be "off" then the X1 version would have to be the original and intended colour scheme. But is isn' how do we know that it's the PS4 that's "off" and not the X1? As for textures.....smh, those screenshots aren't even 720p, and are compressed to all hell. Check out the screenshots i posted, perfectly high-res textures, bro.

The only difference i see between the 2 versions apart from better AA on the PS4 and texture streaming issues on the X1 is colour/gamma...both of which can be rectified by the settings on your TV, or in-game. How you guys think that the stronger console, that is easier to develop for looks worse than the weaker console, which is harder to develop for is HILARIOUS. How does that even work? How would the more powerful console have any trouble doing what the weaker console did in an instance where parity was aimed for?

Btw, check out the gamepur screenshots, the PS4 has better anti-aliasing. The X1 version also has texture streaming issues....but let's just forget about things in favour of things that can be rectified by your TV settings, LOL.

Last time, you were trying to use Forza 5 photo-mode screenshots as representation of how the game looks in-game (photo-mode adds anti-aliasing that isn't there in-game). Now your defending roughly 800x400p images that show the game to look nothing like it does when you show direct-capture i have done. You are laughable, you have been here for many years, with multiple accounts, and you haven't changed one bit.

mmj1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )


No, the PS4 brightness/gamma are the untampered reference levels, the high contrast on Xbone version are a result of the blacks being crushed, you can get the same effect on PS4 by setting RGB limited/full incorrectly.

If you set RGB Full in your PS3/PS4 settings and set your TV to expect a limited signal, the blacks will be clipped (crushed) which means that any black/grey in the 0-15 colour range just becomes jet black and darker detail is lost, that is what black crush is... it may look a higher contrast but you're actually sacrificing detail as lots of shades of black/grey become all the same colour.

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HaveAsandwich1637d ago

at this point, there's no reason for multiplats to look "sharper" on the x1, ever. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..

ha8eraid1637d ago

I really see no difference I'm trying but can't maybe I have bad eyes lol

hello121637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Watch the third scene are you going to blame that on gamma too?

[email protected] Seriously what age are you? 12? You blocked me because i have a very different opinion to you? You know full well we had interesting discussions, in the past. Stop trying to earn points or cred from silly Sony fanboys!

Why friend me on x box live than, if you have this low opinion of me?

Both versions look 95% identical, the x box 1 edges it in some scenes. My view you want to blame it on the tv, that's fine, by me. Seems like an excuse to me.

Your choice to block me, I'm not that sad to block someone who has hes own views.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

No, im going to look at direct feed PS4 screenshots that ive seen with my own eyes (and linked here). Not some bogus, "HD" comparisons that show a difference that can be easily rectified on your TV (gamma settings). Stop being so salty that i proved you wrong the other day. I got sick and tired of you PM'ing me every time i proved you wrong, so i blocked im going to ignore you.

The fact you sit there and watch all these comparisons under a microscope, just to find the most irrelevant and minute differences is pathetic. Just accept you own the weaker console....why is it so hard to accept for you guys? 6 months in and you STILL can't accept it. The next 5+ years is going to be painful for you guys.

So yeah, you can see what you wanna see, enjoy playing inferior versions of games for the next 5+ years. I'll be getting all of my multiplats on the PS4, because so far, all of them have been better on it.

imt5581637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

KNWS, You went full retard, never go full retard!!

If you wanna know, Gamepro Germany said that Xbone has worse textures.

Well, this comparison on Gamingbolt are not so valid. Bad quality screenshots. Screenshot ( or GIF's ) are blurry and low resolution. Wait for Digital Foundry comparison i we will see how it turned out.

What about those gifs. Where are the lightning in Xbone version :



DevilishSix1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

It also seems the X1 lighting is oversaturated or something and leading to less shadow detail. I have not played it on either console just seen screenshots and vid captures so don't hold me to this but just the impression I got.

I will get to play my friends copy on X1 when he is done.

ovnipc1637d ago

Both look the same. I pick this one up for the xone. But Im getting watch dogs for the ps4. Cause it has extra content not cause resolution.

fr0sty1637d ago

The lighting is better on the PS4 version also. Look at the gif of the dude in the gun turret firing over the water. You don't see any muzzle flash lighting up the guns on the Xbox One version, whereas on the PS4 version the flash illuminates everything around it.

marcofdeath1637d ago

Wow, that's two in a row. Well PS4 is 50% more powerful ? If that was true would we be having this talk?

SilentNegotiator1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

This game almost looks like a 7th gen launch title in a higher resolution. No wonder they managed 1080p60fps on both versions.

DukeofRandomcat1637d ago

In the anti aircraft gif there is an absence of muzzle flash backlight on the gif in he X1 version. Beats me what that's all about.

PS4 -

X1 -

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corvusmd1637d ago

I agree, it's EVER SO slightly, but it does seem to have moments when it's sharper and clearer, less muddied's rare, and minimal at best, but there.

SniperControl1637d ago

Dude you must have 20/20 vision to see that from those horribly compressed gifs.

I gonna wait for the [email protected] comparisons.

lifeisgamesok1637d ago

Good too see the Xbox version holding up once again

imt5581637d ago

Oh, you again... :rolleyes:

Anyway, pretty bad screenshots, but you can notice black crush on Xbone.

SniperControl1637d ago

What? lol

Those Gifs look bloody awful, how can you call that a comparison.

My god, desperation at it's best lol

Haxamin1637d ago

To be honest if you really cared about having the better version of a console game then you would probably get a PS4.

Oh wait you're trolling.

beerzombie1637d ago

No you would get gaming pc .

LordMaim1637d ago

Holding up what, exactly?

Any game can look good if you squint hard enough. Which you'd have to do to make out any detail in those tiny, horrible gifs.

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windblowsagain1637d ago

Poor screenshots, and not even a nextgen looking game.

Not surprising using idtech5.

jessupj1637d ago

If you're implying it isn't at all possible that the developers purposely aimed for parity in this game then you're incredibly naive and delusional.

I'm not saying they did (although it is most likely to be the case because facts tell us the PS4 is more powerful), but to suggest that type of practice doesn't exist is very stupid on your part, especially the sarcastic way you did it.