What Youtube's Acquisition of Might Mean for Gaming

8CN: The hot rumor of the week is that Youtube plans on buying out Twitch TV for the hefty sum of $1 Billion. Now, as of this writing, this is still just a rumor - nothing official has been announced - but it would make quite a bit of sense. So let's say this rumor is true and Youtube does end up purchasing Twitch TV, and let's speculate on what that would mean for the landscpe of gaming.

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DragonKnight1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

It'll mean the end of the freedom to stream your gameplay the way you want to stream it, it'll mean more ads than there are already, it'll mean that there is yet another aspect in which the dirty filthy corporate hands have touched gaming and infected it with their marketing schemes and lack of insight.

All these people talking about how Google buying Twitch would be great for Twitch have been ignoring how Youtube hasn't improved in functionality under Google's watch, how Google imposed itself on a pure form of expression and changed it to reflect the cold, lifeless form of a corporate vision.

We already have marketing firms running publishers, who in turn run developers and ignore what gamers have been telling them over and over about what we want and what we'd buy, this will be just another body for the corporate disease to infect.

**EDIT** I lost any ability to take this article seriously as soon as sexism was brought up. I'm tired of people making that a go to point to make when it isn't at pertinent to the topic at hand and is clearly pandering.

jukins1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Yea there will be more ads but hopefully we can still skip after 5. Besides the google+ sign in bull Google is at least better equipped to provide higher quality streams and maybe get us even closer actual livestreaming.

*edit: wow what's with all the youtube Hate all the sudden?

DragonKnight1665d ago

It's not the youtube hate, it's Google hate, and for good reason.

morganfell1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

DMCA ring a bell? There is hate and then there is justified outrage. Google and its subsidiary Youtube became rich on gaming videos that they later banned on the basis of DMCA. Especially laughable when the companies to whom the IPs belonged didn't give two craps. Even more absurd was Youtube blocking videos on the grounds of DMCA when the very companies that owned the IPs were publishing a video.

Youtube has become the peoiple they warned us about.

And now Twitch? Just what I need when I am watching a team about to win a tournament. A Swiffer commercial. Who needs a Swiffer at 2AM? A serial killer?

Thank goodness for Gamersyde and their new hi res video service. Gamers should abandon Youtube like the plague. Gamersyde actually has MINIMUM video standards. Your videos must be Hi res and a higher bitrate.

DragonKnight1665d ago

I think Sony should start their own gameplay streaming service through PSN. May only be accessible through PSN, but that way it won't have to deal with the crap that Google is definitely going to force onto Twitch.

And if people think that Google won't force anything on Twitch, I only have one thing to say to you...

Google+ integration with Youtube.

morganfell1665d ago

Just wait until you sign into Twitch and they start trying to force your true name.

Joe9131665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I agree Google can make twitch better in so many ways I have a Google account had one since Gmail came out and I rather use a account that is already created than to have to create another account also I have no friends that use twitch but they all use YouTube and Google+ so for me it will be easier for me to post game videos that my friends can see I was not going to even use the share feature until PS4 supported YouTube anyway. @ Morganfell I keep hearing about Google making ppl use their real names but I have yet to be forced to use my real name on any of the Google services.

Omar911665d ago

I honestly wish youtube never even touched twitch. I feel as if youtube will start adding commercials let and right for all broadcasts eventually. I just hope it doesn't change twitch completely.

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