Review: Drakengard 3 – Discordant Melody | DualShockers

DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes:

"The Drakengard series is one of those franchises that I’ve never heard of even though it has been around for about ten years. Despite my relative–excuse me–complete ignorance of these games, I was quickly able to guess what type of experience I would be getting myself into with Drakengard 3 judging from the product description. “Action RPG that isn’t mainstream, eh? I bet this is a hack n slash game,” I said to myself as I did a bit of research for this review.

Sure enough as soon as the main game began I was faced with about 15 guys who all had lifebars over their heads and who were all charging at me. Yes sir, this was indeed a hack n slash game. I’m not exactly a fan of the genre because of how shallow and repetitive it can be but I held out hope that this wouldn’t be as bad as some others. Then I started to attack and killed every one of my enemies in seconds. Sigh… this is exactly what I feared and from that point onward things never re...

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