Mario Kart 8 proves strong worth in Wii U: A console offering more than we give it credit for

Ben Salter of MMGN: It suddenly dawned upon me last night, while zipping around my 26th consecutive race in Mario Kart 8 for the evening: we’ve been much too harsh on the Wii U.
That isn’t to disregard Nintendo’s misdemeanours — the Wii U will still struggle to survive beyond 2015 as the culmination of muddled making, a confusing name and losing third party support catches up with it — but much like the GameCube before it, the Wii U could forge a unique career.

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Realplaya1612d ago

Why do people think the console won't survive past 2015. If Nintendo can sell 20 million at no loss is it no a win win for them?

ZainreFang1612d ago

Media brainwashing. Chances are, Nintendo will make a profit with Wii U when all is said and done.

elhebbo161612d ago

More like fanboy denial.

mikeslemonade1612d ago

They won't make it past 2015 and their profit margin is small so what's the point.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1612d ago

They already making profit. Wii U no longer selling at a loss.

randomass1711612d ago

Some people are just really itching to see Nintendo fail so that they will either go out of business or go third party. It's actually quite sad considering neither situation have even a fraction of a chance of happening within the next several decades, even with the financial losses Nintendo have taken.

for we are many1612d ago

A console is defined by the quality of its games and by the fun you get out of it, and based on that I find the Wii U among my favorite consoles in a very long time as a gamer despite it being relatively new on the market, and I believe also that better games are yet to come (waiting patiently for that MK8 and e3).

ritsuka6661612d ago

I'm still really optimistic for the console though, and I think we should wait until E3 to pass judgement on the system.

-Foxtrot1612d ago

Well Mario Kart is the game I've been waiting for the Wii U, I'll be getting one after E3.

randomass1711612d ago

Best time to get one. That promotion for the free game runs all the way through June if I'm not mistaken.

elhebbo161612d ago

Foxtrot saying something good about Nintendo? this deserves an upvote.

-Foxtrot1612d ago

Really? Again

Just because you ignore my other comments doesn't mean they don't exist.

(Funny you replied to this one)

Past week alone

So you know...

I just find it funny that you guys are fine when someone is saying something positive but as soon as they criticize Nintendo in any way big or small you get really offended and make it look like the user is a Nintendo basher.

rextraordinaire1612d ago

I really can't wait to see the next main Zelda game. This could tip me towards buying a Wii U.

colonel1791612d ago

The only thing Nintendo has to do is to make the next Zelda at least like the tech demo when they unveiled the Wii U. Everybody liked it and it looked epic. Now, if they can surpass it... it could be the best Zelda ever!

rextraordinaire1612d ago

I strongly agree with this!

randomass1711612d ago

Agreed. Generate that excitement and people will jump on in.

elhebbo161612d ago

I think it can be the best Zelda ever if they use the tablet correctly. Zelda SS was probably one of the only games that used MotionPlus to its fullest extent and imo it was amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.