Watch_Dogs: First 90 Minutes of the PS3 Version of the Game Leaked, and it Looks Quite Good

If you want to see more of how the PS3 version of Watch_Dogs looks, this is your day, as the first 90 minutes of gameplay footage have been leaked due to a Brazilian retailer that broke the street date.

Of course you should be aware that the videos include spoilers.

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Metallox1612d ago

Are you sure this is PS3? Looks absolutely stunning, plus, I don't see screen tearing or framerate drops. Very bad for PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Abriael1612d ago

Yeah it's from PS3. Not sure why it'd look bad for the next gen version, that look a lot better.

Metallox1612d ago

Definitely. Anyway, I'm glad for the good job that Ubisoft has done in last gen. I was expecting something very terrible, like the Aysha trailer they showed some months ago.

Abriael1612d ago

The miracles of optimization :D Devs know the hardware inside out by now. Makes you wonder what PS4 and Xbox One will do in a few years.

Webbyy1612d ago

Wow, ps3 version? This looks impressive for last gen..

Great job.

vishmarx1612d ago

Wait, i though last gen had no wind?
looks like theyve spent the last 6 months improving ps360 versions and make them look moe like the original,thus downgrading the original version the process

mikeslemonade1612d ago

Anything looks good on a 3 inch screen. I question your critical eye if you think the last gen versions look good. Even the current gen versions won't be that impressive.

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allgamespc20121612d ago

game looks good cause it was built for last gen then ported to next gen. so its not that surprising.

ape0071612d ago

indeed, they got rid of that old nextgen build to have a one unified build that is able to run on all 6 platforms instead of having two different builds

saves time and lots of $$$$

game looks good though

Yukicore1612d ago

The lead platform is PC. I heard the new consoles have PC architecture, so they are easy to develop for from a PC build.

They probably took a good while to optimize the game for old gen consoles, as many people still use them.

classic191612d ago

that's my thought to bro. i think they ported console to console, instead of pc to consoles for x1&ps4, hints why ppl was complaining about the visuals..

mogwaii1612d ago

Second vid, 2:17, screen tearing.

Metallox1612d ago

Second video wasn't available when I came first.

Clown_Syndr0me1612d ago

Really looking forward to this, was going to buy it day one on PS4 but my girlfriend pre-ordered it for me last night as a treat :D
This looks stunning for last gen, so Im sure Ill be more than happy with the current gen visuals - Im not exactly fussy anyway!

CrashJones1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

If it was pre ordered from the PSN store, I'm sure they will refund it to your wallet to get the PS4 version.

I did.

I ordered the PS3 version by mistake while in the store online looking for MLB:The Show(there were day one problems with that release if you recall). Normally I would just order through my PS4, but ended up ordering the PS3 version.

If you have a choice, go PS4 dude. I'm sure Sony would understand that your girlfriend didn't realize that there was a PS4 version, or that she ordered the wrong one.

If she pre-ordered from a store, then you should have no problem switching your order either. Another week yet!

While I'm pretty sure the game will still be fun on PS3... I'm also pretty sure that the PS4 version will be a better experience.

Clown_Syndr0me1612d ago

Maybe I didn't word it correctly, she has ordered me the PS4 version off her Amazon with a gift card zhe had.
Thanks for taking the time to try and help though xD

CrashJones1612d ago

Ya, I read it as you would be happy with the PS3 visuals seeing as you weren't fussy.

While I was applauding your character in that regard, I still wanted to try and persuade you get get the best experience you had option to.

Good stuff.

Add me up at Crash-Jones so we can meet up in Chicago if you like.


Genuine-User1612d ago

Minus the high amount of screen tearing, this game looks pretty good on last gen. I'm genuinely surprised.

theXtReMe11612d ago

Looks really good. Cant wait to see the PS4 version. Also, from above...

The game wasnt built for last generation and ported to this, it started as a high end PC game, then was taken over to The PS4, Xbox One and last gen. If anything, all versions are ports from the PC version. Each optimized to take advantage of their systems strengths. The only difference between all versions is filler density(pedestrians, cars and the such), draw distance/ depth of field distance, lighting, reflections, resolution and frame rate(PC). The AI remains intact for last gen versions, though there are less variables in it. Meaning, while the PC and next gen versions may have 1000s of AI routines, the last gen versions have hundreds. Which is still impressive.

Overall, I am astonished how good last gen versions look. This game should do great across all platforms. I cant wait to play it!

Jumper091612d ago

PS4 Version sadly doesnt look that much different. More and better lighting effects, better framerate, no framedrops, no tearing and a high resolution over all.

Watch Dogs is really made for lastgen :/

Funky Town_TX1612d ago

That is what I've said for months.

IQUITN4G1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

This may be a reasonable game for what it is but it's smoke and mirrors stuff of course no matter what the system. Maybe by Watchdog 4 we'll see real signs of advancement into the tracking of ai in these games ie proper city simulation. Certainly not here though considering it's on current gen

I'm betting a good portion of those having seen the trailers think this is a proper living breathing experience and will no doubt be quite let down by this

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