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Editor Ron Burke hands in his video review and written counterpart for Wolfenstein: The New Order. Reviewing on the PlayStation 4, here are his conclusions:

I’m surprised at just how much MachineGames has done to bring the Wolfenstein franchise into a new generation. Balanced gameplay, a memorable story, characters with depth, and more than two dozen hours of content scratch a shooter itch that has been long dormant. Wolfenstein: The New Order delivers an experience well beyond my expectations, elevating this venerable series not only into a new generation, but raising the bar for story-driven shooters as a whole.

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Whatsupdog1611d ago

NIce to hear the AI isnt atrocious as rumoured! Been looking forward to a new Wolf game for a looong time :-)

Knightshade1611d ago

Yea, after the nearly 5GB patch. 0_0 Working till the last minute it seems...

robtion1611d ago

Game looks great, I will get it this week hopefully.

BootHammer1611d ago

They did a terrific job with this one. Glad to see the developer exceed expectations for most gamers.

super_lazy1611d ago

Kind of shocked to see all the positive reviews for this one, considering how little promotion there has been. Guess I'll have to pick up a copy after all.

Digital_Anomaly1605d ago

When I got to play it at a Bethesda event last year I knew it was going to be good. I am so glad to hear it didn't disappoint.

I'll be grabbing it today now that I'm back from vacation. I NEED MORE BJ BLAZKOWICZ IN MY LIFE.