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It's a decent shooter with a good few impressive moments, but it can be buggy and it doesn't offer much you can't find elsewhere, with little to tempt you back when it's over.

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qwe22321638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

"It's a decent shooter with a good few impressive moments, but it can be buggy"

so i'll give it 6/10

"and it doesn't offer much you can't find elsewhere"

Right because other games like COD or BF4, or crysis brings innovations.
What a shitty review.

BTW 8/10 at Eurogamer Germany. Oh irony

DefenderOfDoom21638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

as qwe222 pointed out the idiotic quote from the review which was said twice. "and it doesn't offer much you can't find elsewhere" WTF! there has not been great triple A campaign out since METRO LAST LITE! And as far as i know, i have know idea that there is FPS campaign coming out in the near future! Just watched "TOTALBISCUIT WTF is WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER" and he said the game is fantastic and very fun to play! TOTALBISCUIT said there has not been a good FPS campaign like this in a long time! Now only 3 and half hours to go before i start blasting away at some ROBOTIC DOGS !!! OH YEAH! by the way the studio who made this game is MACHINE GAMES which has some of the lead developers from STARBREEZE. BETHESDA is the publisher!

danowat1638d ago

6/10 is above average though?

Activemessiah1638d ago

Buggy? it has Bethesda written on the case... obviously its buggy

Crazyglues1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

LoL... ok that's was hilarious, I almost spilled some coffee on my self...Yeah I can't think of a game Bethesda makes that's not buggy..

-Bubble for clever comment/ made me laugh. (which is not easy to do these days)

||.........___||............ ||

BattleAxe1637d ago

LOL, that was so funny that a pizza nearly dropped on top of my head.....

Fluke_Skywalker1638d ago

Having been a Eurogamer reader for many a year, it's becoming increasingly apparent that no one who works at EG even likes games anymore.
They really do need a change of staff, they're all jaded pretentious wank bags.

Revolver_X_1638d ago

Yea, anything they do score well is just for the sake of being different it seems. Horrible read. There are other more informative reviews out now.