Wolfenstein: The New Order needs to shut up and kill those Nazis (GamesBeat review)

The latest in the series’ story aspirations get in the way of the action.

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Sadie21001615d ago

Hmm, interesting review. I'd still like to check it out, though, as the story stuff seems pretty cool to me.

incendy351615d ago

Yeah, to me the story sounds like the most appealing part. I guess some people just like action, which is fine too. I am picking this up for sure!

darkronin2291615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Too bad it doesn't have co-op; Nazi moonbases sound like the kind of things you'd want to blow up with a friend.

user14394141615d ago

Hopefully u can play as Nazis I always wanted to be a Nazi :)

deantak1615d ago

Tarentino story. Lots of shooting. What's not to like?

LOL_WUT1615d ago

The game was inspired by inglorious bastards so it definitely shows in all the gore and shooting ;)

ColManischewitz1615d ago

I dig some alternative history -- Harry Turtledove is a favorite -- so I'm intrigued.

Next time, Transformers killing Nazis. That would be a seller! Could you picture Optimus Prime kicking Nazi butt?

SybaRat1615d ago

I'm here to kill Nazis and chew bubblegum, and I'm...hey, I've got some bubblegum! Time to multitask, I guess.