IGN: Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

What if the Nazis won World War II?" is probably the single most-asked alternate history question, and it makes sense why. Wars are often fought over conflicting viewpoints, opposite goals, and a muddy sense of what's right and wrong, but when it came to the Third Reich, the world saw the face of actual evil through its Master Race propaganda, expansionist military campaigns, and systematic extermination of millions upon millions of people.

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Muffins12231615d ago

My god there reasons for giving a lower score are stupid,apparently a weak dual welding mechanic looses it like 2 points.

incendy351615d ago

Yeah, all his dislikes seemed pretty inconsequential in the big picture, plus it sounded like he loved it. A 7.8 is still a very good score though, means they recommend it.

Rogert1615d ago

Well he did say the game was good and the score reflects that so not sure what you're complaining about. This game looks solid but not amazing and the score and scores from other reviewers indicates that as well.

styferion1615d ago

If I remember correctly their scoring system isn't giving it max score and then reducing it based on the weak points, maybe the initial score is 8-ish and the dual wieding mechanice reduce it by .2 points..

still, 7.8 is still a good score though, it's just that game scoring has this weird notion that anything below 8 is bad, definitely buy it if you're a fan of the genre.

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Magicite1615d ago

this game simply does nothing to deserve high score, so 7.8 is actually generous.

Revolver_X_1614d ago

Your 1 bubble is generous.

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GusHasGas1615d ago

Odd, I expected the gameplay to be bland and boring, to accommodate the game's dull-looking setting/environments and graphics. Yet, most reviewers have deemed the gameplay fun. Still looks repetitive and boring to me, I think I'll wait for the price to drop to try this out.

Summons751614d ago

Wolfenstein has always been one of the few shooters to be fun compared to blad boring shooters like COD.

MrSwankSinatra1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

They docked 2.2 point because they had to press buttons to pick up items and because inaccuracy of dual wielding? First off how lazy can a person be they can't even press a button to pick up items? Secondly I would figure dual wielding would be inaccurate since your obviously trading accuracy for fire power.

ASHW0011615d ago

The game was interesting, but I feel like I was left craving more.

Lionalliance1615d ago

Are you serious? It sound like it was an 8.5 yet it gives it a 7.8?!

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