Atari May Be Building Hardware Again

Atari has a new CEO, a man by the name of Frederic Chesnais. Frederic is in a unique position as the CEO of Atari since the company is still, despite not having released a mainstream popular title in nearly 30 years, one of the most renowned game companies in the world.

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Gozer2588d ago

It doesnt sound too great according to the story. The CEO Is talking about the brand of Atari. How it is still relevant. He specifically says that hes not talking about a new Atari console He talks about using the Atari brand for a jacket(yes,the kind you wear)that could charge your cellphone, and an Atari wristwatch.

TFJWM2588d ago

I'd take it if it could play old 2600 games. ET on the back of my cell phone sounds great!

Stevefantisy2588d ago

Is this the era Nintendo steps down and Atari comes back?

SoapShoes2588d ago

Hopefully Microsoft steps down. If they had their way I would not be a gamer. I've always said it would be great if Microsoft stops making systems and Sega returned because Microsoft can't even hold a candle to the greatness Sega achieved but I'll take Atari too.

Mystogan2588d ago

Lol, Microsoft will step down after Sony does.

Sony is in deep financial shit. Even if they split up everything and become a gaming only company. They won't have as much money to compete with Microsoft.

Xbox One will rule this generation, because of Sony's financial trouble. Whether you like it or not.

WeAreLegion2588d ago

Microsoft has all that money...and yet they still can't beat Sony. Explain that.

Rockstar2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Yeah, If I had to lose one companies machine(s) and not miss them it would be MS.

SoapShoes2588d ago

Mystogan, never have I seen someone so happy to have gaming ruined. You're the type of person that a company you like can bend you over several times for a raping and not care.

If Sony and Nintendo stepped down and only Microsoft were left I would hope an even richer company would step up like google.

Reddzfoxx2588d ago

Obvious troll is obvious. Maybe you should step down off your soapbox and play in traffic. The only people keeping Sony and Microsoft honest are each other. Take 1 away and the other does what it wants.

If you want to be a fanboy then do it in silence. The majority of people want MS and Sony to thrive so more games come out and be successful. If you disagree then your obviously a troll.

lonelyplayer2588d ago

Money means nothing when the talented people don't want to work with you.

its_JEFF2588d ago

@Mystogen MS has all that money... but it's not for XBox. Xbox is a tiny division of MS. Look at you defending a giant corporation... is this real life? Next you're gonna start defending the banks! lol

choujij2588d ago

Atari would probably still stand a better chance in Japan.

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AceBlazer132588d ago

What was the last relevant thing to come from ATARI XD?

I'd be interested to see what they can bring if they do step up, but I'll definitely keep my expectations in check.

Never know, they might replace a box.

XiSasukeUchiha2588d ago

Atari next gen I can't wait!

AntoineDcoolette2588d ago

Does ATari even have the capital to invest into a gaming console?

I_am_Batman2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Even though the article isn't about a game console:
That would be the main concern. It's much harder to enter the console market now then ever before. You have to invest in R&D for Hardware and in first party studios + dev tools. I highly doubt Atari can afford that unless they have some kind of a revolutionary idea and find the investors. But even then it'll end up with some huge company like apple, google or facebook buying Atari.

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