Tweaking Titanfall

Gamer Assault Weekly sheds light on what could've made Titanfall a much better game!

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nick47611665d ago

The game definitely didn't live up to the hype, in my opinion. It was fun for a couple weeks, but I feel like it could have used a fleshed out single player mode.

user14394141665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Put it on PS4 and it WILL be the best game ever made. Or according to the PSNation trolls on this it will be. #DoWhatThouWiltShallBeTheWhole OfTheLaw #Ps4LyF3

porkChop1665d ago

Going out of your way to bring up trolls where it's completely unnecessary and off-topic is even more stupid and childish than the trolls themselves. Grow the hell up.

DragonKnight1665d ago

The only troll I'm seeing here is you.

I personally don't want Titanfall anywhere near my PS4.

user14394141665d ago

@PorkChop you can try your best to discredit me and my posts on this site, but I know all about you and the rest of the fanboys on here and I will NEVER be bullied out of stating my opinions on something that I believe strongly about. You can keep trying all you like by calling me names and attacking me for NO reason. I actually believe that you are the one who needs to grow up and stop trying to bully people on the internet. #StopOnlineBullying

Funantic11665d ago

Yeah fanboys say Titanfall is boring but Killzone multiplayer is so fun. Yeah right. It's only because various game sites hyped up Titanfall acting like it was the second coming of Christ. Titanfall is just a good FPS game....nothing more or less.

AceBlazer131665d ago

See, even funantic knows the game was over hyped.

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tee_bag2421665d ago

I was so sick of the hype from this game but got it on PC last weekend for 23.99 on sale.
To my surprise it's better than I thought it would be. I love the old school unreal/quake feel it has with the pace and double jumping.

LackTrue4K1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

i went on Youtube to have some laughs on trolling on Titian Fall.......

........and the only trolling videos sucked!!! there more of just trash talking on the mic, no real real laughs. -_-

when i try to find trolling videos, i look for something other them simple insults in mic's.

Desolate_Hybrid1665d ago

I felt the same way about much of these points! Titanfall was, and is, loads of fun but it could have definitely been better! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one who felt this way!

zero_syndicate1665d ago

I felt it was just lacking in content, and very much a repeat of what we're already used to. Certainly over hyped, not worth the $60 either.

DjKiba1665d ago

Thats why i bought it when it went on sale lol

ThichQuangDuck1665d ago

I got enough Titanfall in the Beta personally. Upon exiting the Hype Train I received a lot of hate. Why did the gaming press and gamers try to convince themselves and others that Titanfall was the greatest fps of all time?

The world may never know

zero_syndicate1665d ago

My brother said the same thing. I was hyped like crazy so I didn't listen... Should've listened.

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