Key Improvements Needed For Halo 5

Hardcore Gamer: The following are some of the key improvements 343 will have to make going from Halo 4 to Halo 5.

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ValKilmer1666d ago

Hopefully the multiplayer is as far removed from Halo 4 as possible. We want another Halo game, not a Call of Duty.

ats19921666d ago

My thoughts exactly. 343 has hired the right people to make halo 5s multiplayer great again. They hired Bravo MLG, Neighbor, Dersky, and GH057ayame they are all competitive halo pros so they know what needs to be done to fix the multiplayer.

LAWSON721665d ago

I seriously doubt 343i will ever abandon custom loadouts and weapon drops so the game will still be poop when it comes to MP

corvusmd1666d ago

343i is already on the right track with Halo. Halo 4 was the best in the series in many ways...just keep doing what they are doing.

ats19921666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Thought halo 4s campaign was one of the best in the series but the multiplayer was the worst in the series.

-Foxtrot1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I know many hardcore Halo fans won't want to admit this, or maybe MS fans but I don't think 343 are multiplayer developers.

The studios best quality at the minute is the single player which is an awesome thing don't get me wrong, I'm a single player comments show this but it's not going to end well if the game your making is all about the multiplayer.

Best thing Microsoft can do is maybe focus a little more on the single player and let 343 do what they do best.

I mean Halo 4 was very short and it got me thinking...was it worth it when the online was pretty bad. Seemed like a waste of time to me when the campaign could of been longer and packed full of little goodies.

EDIT @Below

Mate your putting too much faith in pro Halo players who out of a MASSIVE development team will not have as much of an impact as you would like.

Who knows but again don't just thinking it's magically going to get better because they hired a few pro Halo players.

ats19921666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Did you not see where i posted that 343 hired halo pros to lead the way for the multiplayer so they can fix the multiplayer and make it great again. Plus 343 already admitted the mistakes they made with the multiplayer and even one of the 343 devs said that halo 5s multiplayer is going to go old school like the earlier halos.

Matt6661665d ago

All the Halo SP are amazing and everything about the SP in Halo is also amazing

-Foxtrot1666d ago

I don't think you can get rid of the Covenant completely, they are a big part of the Halo universe and have many ties to Earth mostly because of the past war in Halo 1-3. It's like what the Locust are to Gears of War or Helghast are to Killzone.

The only way they will manage to balance the online is to go back to what Halo 2 was like which links into the "Reward Skill, Not Commitment" point.

I'm sick to death of online games which all have the same set out.

Loadouts - Weapons mods - Perks - Upgradable perks - Paid perks - Kill-streaks/Armour Abilities etc

You get the point.

They make the multiplayer more about, as the article states, commitment then skill. Not everyone has the time to work non stop towards unlocking things in the game so why should they be punished for having a life outside the game which results them not unlocking the best stuff only for them to be owned when they come back on days later because other people have unlocked better stuff. It becomes a game about "My stats are better then yours".

It's why I loved Uncharted 2 so much. You could go on holiday for 2 weeks, come back and pick up where you left off because the only things people could unlock was boosters and even then, as the name suggests they only were "boosters" until you had grown out of your low level and become more used to the game, making you a good player. It's why it was kind of heart breaking to see Uncharted 3 turn to shit because they added things like EVERY OTHER online game.

So Halo 5 need to go back to basics, the game sells a shit load so it's not like it's going to turn people away. 343 to me, after Halo 4, are better at creating a solid campaign then they are then a multiplayer, some devs just can't do amazing online modes, some can so I think they should go back to basics to keep it balanced. Least then they don't need to work on it so much, there time would be better spent on the single player and amazing dynamic maps for the online.

ats19921666d ago

Look at my first comment 343 hired the right people to fix the multiplayer and make it more like halo 2 and 3.

-Foxtrot1666d ago

Well hopefully that will do the job but we'll never know until it's released

The problem is these players might of adapted overtime to the "every other online features" most multiplayer games have today.

I don't really expect them to say

"Right guys, listen up, Halo 2 online was AMAZING, lets just do what Bungie did back then but update it for Halo 5 and add our own twist to it"

We'll see though...I mean I don't see people rioting if they decide to get rid of load outs

Primary Weapons
Secondary Weapons
Armour Abilities
Tactical Packages
Support Upgrades

That is why they have balancing problems, that's a lot of stuff to account for.

I think the only things you should be able to choose from is the Primary Weapons and that's between the Assault Riffle and Battle Riffle.

Although I suppose if everyone started with an Assasult Riffle and a magnum they could start out in your base at the start of the match and look around for the weapons they want to go into battle with. Searching for weapons and finding "your" weapon is kind of rewarding in my opinion

These would change though if they decide to let you be Covenant again. So while a Spartan would get a Magnum for their secondary weapon Covenant players would get a Plasma Pistol.

LAWSON721665d ago

For the most part great comment Foxtrot. The odds that 343i will decide to just make a Halo 2/3 is just so unlikely. They probably think there new additions refreshed the series and plan to improve upon them even more

blackstrr4111665d ago

Ditch armor abilities and map jet pack with jump. The longer you hold the A button the farther the jump. Bring back equipments. I miss them. No qte's please. Want to fight giant covenant bad ass bosses