Perseus 230, Inspired by Star Fox, Currently on Kickstarter

Carl Williams writes, "Star Fox is an iconic game that many from that day and age will probably always hold high and proud as an amazing achievement of the time. In the last couple of decades there have been more than a couple of pretenders to the throne, across many platforms. This style of game is not new, it is just that Star Fox was the first to do new things in the genre that caught the attention of gamers. Perseus 230 by Gabriel Santos looks to pay homage in a big, anime, way to the king of rail shooters."

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3-4-51614d ago

This is what is going to happen.

Video Game Fans want Game A.

* Dev's for said game, ignore that and continue NOT making it.

* The demand is there, somebody intelligently realizes this and fills that void in the market with their version of the game people want.

It's the only thing even close or similar, so people buy it if it's good.

Morale of story = If you snooze, you lose.

Concertoine1615d ago

I will pitch some money but i hope it comes to wii u, considering its inspired by two nintendo exclusive series