‘The Forest’ Early Access Release Date Moved to May 30th, Breathtaking GIFs Released

OnlySP: When you look at the GIFs below you’ll be shaking your head wondering just how a team of less than ten people are doing this.

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Snookies121613d ago

Man this game looks so damn good...

PockyKing1613d ago

Aside from the trees floating through the plan during the crash, that's the most realistic plane crash I've seen in a video game thus far.

elhebbo161612d ago

just 10 more days till I get my hands on this.

Omnisonne1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Cant wait to see some Alpha gameplay

Its quite funny, 5-6 years ago me and a friend came up with a similar game concept. Being stranded, suviving off the land, building shelter etc. Basically a proper 1st person survival game. (minus the cannibals)

Its really cool to finally see a game like this, but a more complete version. Easily my #1 game this year:)

Stapleface1612d ago

NOOOOO!!! LOL I was hoping to get a few days of this in before Watch Dogs. Oh well. Can't wait. At least it wasn't a 6 month delay or something. Looks like it's all Wolfenstein this week..

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