'Female Villager' The Most Inconsequential Smash Bros. Roster Addition Ever

Hardcore Gamer: How lovely, indeed. Or how inconsequential, really, because there is nothing they could do to this character to make me want to play as them any less than I already do.

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ValKilmer1615d ago

Seriously, they need to chill with how deep they're digging for characters. Focus on ones people might actually utilize.

BlackWolf1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

You do realize this is just a skin for Villager, right? It's just a skin, like Male Wii Fit Trainer. Nothing else.

That aside, what's wrong with including funny looking characters? Not all of them have to be "OH MY GOD, SUCH A BADASS!" characters.

TheTowelBoy1615d ago

EXACTLY, King Dedede may not be the most awesome character and he definitely doesnt look it but a lot of people dont know how to counter him.

Lord_Sloth1615d ago

Do me a favor, list their badass characters vs their funny looking characters right quick. Just curious.

TwistedMetal1614d ago

its a fighting game they all need to be badass. This is like a step down. it will feel like im beating on a toddler when im playing this game now. at least lucas and ness were older and had powers. these characters are just regular infants. ga ga goo gooo type stuff here.

voodoochild3461614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

There's not a woman anywhere in the world that go out with you then change her mind because of a character you play in smash bros. Gaming has always been looked as a niche child's activity by people outside of the community. Man children such as yourself that think that playing certain games over others are hilarious. "Man I'll never be caught dead in suit playing Mario. That game's kiddy. Scrub friendly casual shooters like Call of Duty are more my speed. Sure I could faceroll my joystick and still get kills but it has the blood and cursing I demand!"-typical thoughts of a manchild.

The great thing about being a grown-ass-man is I don't have to justify things I buy and do with my own money.

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crusf1615d ago

Seriously,Valkilmer needs to chill with nitpicking everything wrong with Nintendo.

Baccra171614d ago


Drake Redcrest- all that needs to be said. Travesty he isn't even there.

-Foxtrot1615d ago

I'm glad this is a skin because I thought Nintendo would be stupid enough to waste another character slot.

darkstar181615d ago

Great, now you have nothing to complain about for a change ;)

-Foxtrot1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Really? Why is it people like you cherry pick my comments when I criticise and praise. Just because you like to ignore the other half of my comments dosent mean they dont exist. What a waste of a comment


Just read you comment history a massive Wii U/Nintendo defender....makes sense now

elhebbo161615d ago

@Foxtrot maybe because most of the time you rather critize for the slightest things, just saying.

-Foxtrot1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )


Slightest things....maybe it's just my input to it, anything is criticism big or small. Nothing can be perfect

It's a commenting site where you can write down yoir thoughts, opinions, comments...nothing wrong with that.

I find it really sad you and the guy above have wasted your time attacking me, off topic by the way instead of the article

I mean what was the point...really. You gained nothing from it.

live2play1615d ago

its kinda funny watching him try to find an opportunity to bad mouth a company

Realplaya1614d ago

Maybe it's because you think it's criticizing but you 90% of the time bandwagon on the doom titles. I think it's because you want people to think you have a valid point but in the end it's complaining.

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live2play1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

"wasted your time attacking me, off topic by the way instead of the article

I mean what was the point...really. You gained nothing from it."

i can ask and say the exact same thing to you about commenting on every negative article about nintendo

nintendo doing stupid things annoy you so you comment
alot of the stupid stuff you type annoys people so they comment

here is a thing. if it bugs you THAT much...then....wait for it.....DONT COMMENT AT ALL

if you are going to comment then prepare for backlash

"It's a commenting site where you can write down yoir thoughts, opinions, comments...nothing wrong with that."

and when you post some people will write down their thought, opinions, comment about your posts... nothing wrong with that

and talk about wasting your time, you just read all his comments ever.
you must have because you called him a nintendo defender

and dont you dare say you didnt read them all because according to you
"just because you like to ignore the other half of my comments dosent mean they dont exist." because how could you label him a nintendo defender if you just skimmed some comments and might have ignored his other comments not defending nintendo.

go to sleep kid

-Foxtrot1615d ago

Lol. What a bunch of over the top, twisted, exaggerated rubbish

Did I upset you.

Baccra171614d ago

Yes, lets not say anything while Nintendo runs itself into the ground. Lets avoid screaming "iceberg" so Nin can ram it's ship and sink like the Titanic. Because being an enabler and helping a company you love fail, rather than waking it the f'ck up and saving it from itself, shows how much you care for it right?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

And I thought anyone would be smart enough to see that it would be an obvious alternate.

thehobbyist1614d ago

"Would be stupid enough to waste another character slot"
You say that like there's a set limit to the number of characters Sakurai can implement. For the record, there were seven incomplete characters on Brawl's disc. Meaning they didn't even max out what the disc could hold. And now with Namco Bandai's support doubling the Smash Bros staff I can't imagine how many characters Smash 4 will have.

DarkBlood1614d ago

If you guys bother each other that much dobt directly talk to them otherwise your giving the petty conflict more fuel.

the words coming out of anyones mouth is just an opinion positive or negative it doesnt influence anything

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GamingSinceThe80s1615d ago

Animal crossing it one of Nintendo's biggest franchises.This is hardly a waste.The move set look's pretty brutal to me from what they showed on the direct.And them having the female just like in the real game only makes sense.I'm sure people would be bitching up a storm if she wasn't in it and just the male was.There are likely lot's of girl's that have never even thought of playing AC before that will at the very least try it just because of this and maybe even fall in love with it, like so many of us already have.We need all the girl's we can get to join what is mostly a sausage fest of a hobby.

live2play1615d ago

not to mention its a simple reskin not a slot

kirbyu1615d ago

Why does everyone keep saying "The girl Villager"? I see two girls there. I also see a second boy Villager.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1615d ago

Regular Villager male then three alternate like Ice Climbers in short where two color has Popo lead and Nana lead.

Djkmilo1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Although i love the inclusion of the villager and now a alternate costume...i sort of do would like the inclusion of more "badass" characters AS WELL i mean yea charizard lil mac wii fit megaman rosalina even Greninja are great addition but still not impressive enough...nintendo needs to give love to their more so "mature" like characters BATTLE CLASH, PANDORAS TOWER, XENOBLADE,SLASHING OF REGINLEIV, SOMA BRINGER, LAST STORY, GLORY OF HERACLES, MATCH RIDDER, A.S.H, DAY OF CRISIS even make FZERO relevant again with BLACK SHADOW