IS Offworld Trading Company The RTS Game For Phil

Is Soren Johnson’s new game, Offworld Trading Company, an example of Phil Spencers new focus for Xbox One?

As much as Xbox Players would love the newest RTS game to hit Xbox One to be Halo Wars 2, Xbox Players are leaning more heavily on Offworld Trading Company to be the big Reveal at E3 in 3 Weeks!

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trywizardo1613d ago

omg halo wars 2 would be awesome , the first one was a great hit , i really hope this one is true :D

TekoIie1613d ago

It was an ok RTS. Was pretty much just a unit spam game unfortunately at the end of the day.

3-4-51612d ago

This sounds like a completely new type of RTS game and even maybe it's own sub-genre from the way they are describing it.

Sounds good.

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