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Dakko Dakko made a name for itself on the PlayStation Mini storefront with a pair of well-received games a few years ago. Now, they're back with Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails. It's got an odd title and one that represents a bizarre premise fairly well. As Buddy, you hop around rail-filled levels in a grinding, platforming, and shooting game with a collect-a-thon thrown in for good measure. The bulk of your time will be spent moving around while shooting enemies and gathering pennies. Getting rid of enemies gives you access to more pennies, and gathering 100 pennies gets you an extra cat depending on the level. Some have up to four cats that will need to be saved in order for your to progress to the next round of stages. Beyond the penny-earned cat, lazy cats are found by all stage exits, while black cats stay hidden until you beat a boss in the stage that will take a ton of damage, and scaredy cats will hop around the stage until you hit all their hiding places. This approach allows you to "beat" a stage quickly with just one cat, but if you want to progress, you can't half-ass anything. You need to have a rock-solid run that allows you to gather up all of the cats in one go or replay the stage until you do so.

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