NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z Review Hits The Web – Tested At 5K Resolution

The first NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z review has hit the web from Dr.Lee (aka DGLee) testing the card at a high resolution of 5K. During its announcement at GTC 2014, NVIDIA called the GeForce GTX Titan Z as the first 5K compatible graphics card in one of their slides but does it lives up to the claim of being the fastest graphics card in terms of 5K gaming performance?

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rodiabloalmeida1613d ago

5K is so last gen /s

I wish I could get one of these for Blender.

Future_20151613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

just got a 4K monitor today and im loving it, my 2 gtx 780s can do constant 60fps at 4k with ultra settings but i took off anti allisising as its not necessary at that resolution

GentlemenRUs1612d ago

Spare some cash, I'm POOR! /s

AsimLeonheart1612d ago

O_O Spare some for the poor as well, your grace.

tee_bag2421612d ago

Nice work buddy! Enjoy it!

bumnut1612d ago

Really? I hit the VRAM limit of my 780 at 2560 x 1440, Thief uses 3GB, BF4 uses 2.75GB.

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incendy351613d ago

I have the original Titan which is awesome for Blender "reason I got it" but wish I would have waited for this one. It renders complex scenes so much faster than using the CPU, but it is still not fast enough haha. Rendering takes soooo long..

Fireseed1613d ago

Be careful with that Titan talk, otherwise you'll be called a PC elitist and demanded for a proof of purchase lol

rodiabloalmeida1612d ago

Don't mention it. Rendering, even using a Titan, is slow as hell. Sometimes, I take a nap while rendering stuff haha ^^'

Crazyglues1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Why anyone would buy this instead of two 780ti or a Radeon R9 295X2 just seems crazy to me, but I guess some people (PC elite) have a use for it..

I can't even imagine what you do with it / or why you would need it at that price.. Hell for half the price of that card I can build an Awesome system with a 780ti that will handle all My gaming needs --Yes you heard that right, an entire system... LoL

Card just seems ridiculous at that price point.

rodiabloalmeida1612d ago

I didn't mention gaming in my post. Not a single time, dude. I said Blender. Do you know Blender? Do you know something about 3D rendering that is not directly game related? Blender is a very good reason to pay for a Titan Z. Ask any Blender 3D designer. Using such card for gaming is just a side effect, a bonus.

Crazyglues1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@ rodiabloalmeida

I didn't say you did mentioned gaming??? Dude.. I was just talking about he card itself, TITAN Z

I was just saying would two 780ti's be better for rendering? I don't know I don't do rendering but since people say the card does not have more power then two 780ti's I was just saying I could not see the reason to get one at that price.

If it works great for rendering, then ok I guess that's a good reason to get it, I don't know, That's why I said I don't know what you would do with it..???

I was hoping someone would explain why it's a good value ( I was not being sarcastic when I said PC elite) I meant I guess only people who do complex things with their PC, like rendering would have good use for it.

Me as a gamer, I could not see why it's a good option at that price..
That's all I was saying.

rodiabloalmeida1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I got your message fine ;). I was just telling you that getting a Titan Z for blender rendering is a better option compared to whatever other option we have on the market right now. For gaming, you might want a single 780 Ti or maybe two, if you can afford and really want a really badass rig. 780 ti it's cheaper and faster for gaming, or you could go with Amd too. For rendering, its Titan Z all the way. And sorry if you got my message as an offense (not my intention at all). I just find strange the fact that whenever somebody mentions PC in this site, they usually mention things like "master race this..." or "master race that...". I'm too old for this BS and I don't consider myself superior in any way. There is no such thing as a superior gaming race LOL, at least for me. It's ok, dude.:P

Just to be clear: Titan Z for gaming is a huuuuuge overkill, and it's just a bonus for those who buy the card for other uses, like rendering.

Ulf1612d ago

2 GPUs will increase fill and pixel power, but will NOT increase triangle processing muscle... which would be the primary interest of someone using a 3d modeling app.

He's better off with the Titan, than SLI.

Crazyglues1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@ Ulf

oh ok, very interesting, I guess that's who the card is really for / not gamers but professionals - very interesting, as I just thought two cards would give better power, but obviously no, that's probably why they made this..

-I learned more about this in this one video -

it's pretty interesting /I also watched some other videos on rendering movies, and after watching the videos, I see now why if you do rendering for like movies or whatever rendering you do, why this card is such a monster..

And why you would get this instead.. Really fascinating stuff. - the amount of power that goes into rendering.

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Decimate1612d ago

As a 3D game artist and instructor, please stop using blender if you're serious. Nobody industry wise will give a shit. Think of it as the Deviantart of software. Learn Max or Maya if you want a job.

Tommy_titfer1612d ago

What are you talking about, a lot of freelancers use Blender...

Once you hit export mesh, no matter what program was used you are constrained to the limitations of export scaling for the game engine/environment used.

I would have thought such an esteemed "3D game artist and instructor" would have known this such basic fact.

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XiSasukeUchiha1613d ago

5K damn that overkill is real!

player0021613d ago

amd r295 beats it and is half the price lol

MelvinTheGreat1612d ago

The r295 is two r290x in one. The titan z is two titans in one. The tian z wins.

tee_bag2421612d ago

What are you talking about. AMD 295 has the Titan Z licked - haven't you looked at the results from the article?! PC Per also found this to be true

elhebbo161612d ago

If you mean price-to-performance ratio you are correct, but if we are talking about raw power the titan z. You also have to take in mind that Titan Z was aimed towards graphic designers/programmers not your everyday gamer the reason being its insane ammount of vram (12gigs I think it was).

GeraltofRivia1612d ago

awesome what 4k monitor did you buy. i have a 1600p dell monitor and usually i can turn of anti aliasing as it does not appear to be needed most of the time. 4k youtube videos look great at 1600p as well (2560 x 1600)

SnakeCQC1612d ago

The full title on the website is"NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z Review Hits The Web – Gets Tested At 5K Resolution But Fails To Deliver Substantial Results"

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