The Daily Five: Reasons to Buy Wolfenstein: The New Order

"Tomorrow marks the day of the next installment into the Wolfenstein series with Wolfenstein: The New Order. As expected, William Blazkowicz is back and ready to kick ass as usual. What sets The New Order apart though is the implementation of dangerous weaponry on the side of the Nazis. It's not hard to see that a bloodbath is over the horizon and it's likely we're going to be shedding that blood." - David Wales, Stealthy Box

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Jackhass1615d ago

I dunno -- there are doubters out there, but I think this looks promising.

uth111615d ago

I'm gonna pass. Never could get into Wolfenstein

Jag-T10001615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I hope this game sells well. It looks extremely good.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1615d ago

This looks so fun ! I can't wait. I won't be getting it tomorrow, but I will pick it up this weekend when I get my XB1.

DefenderOfDoom21615d ago

oh yeah ! Only 12 hours to go!!!!

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