PS4 Exclusive Rime Gets Some Lovely Artwork and a Screenshot

One of the most charming upcoming PS4 esclusives is Rime by Tequila Works, even if news about the game has been rather scarce in the past few months. Yet some really sweet artwork and a new screenshot of the game have been made available.

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corvusmd1615d ago

It looks really good in an artistic sort of way.

Conzul1615d ago

I'm hoping that it'll be like the PS4's "Journey" meets ICO or something akin. Can't wait!

Evilsnuggle1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

[email protected]
You are a huge xbone fanBoy and a stealth Troll.

[email protected]

I really doubt that Sony would be funding a game for a small studio and not own the IP.

I really hoping for a rime turn out to be a zelda game on PS4. Looking beautiful so far.

NatureOfLogic_1615d ago

This game is one of the many reasons I chose PS4.

CrowbaitBob1615d ago

This game had nothing to do with my choice of a PS4. It is, however, one of many reasons I continue to be extremely happy that I purchased a PS4. No regrets whatsoever.

nosferatuzodd1615d ago

games like these are the reason i pick playstation and Nintendo over others just look at journey the same console fanboys not calling any names was saying that's not game.. yata yata yata when the game win tons of awards and game of the year all tunes change same thing they say about lil big planet now microsoft try the same thi9ng with project spark and all you hear is wooo amazing... roll eye all the way to the back of my head

CrowbaitBob1613d ago

Journey isn't a game. It's something else, far more significant than a game, something that cannot be defined by words.

I feel sorry for anyone that hasn't had the opportunity to experience Journey. I feel nothing for those that pretend it isn't worthy of their time.

jmac531615d ago

This, Planetside 2 and The Order are why I chose the PS4

kayoss1615d ago

You should thank Microsoft for giving Tequila Works the shaft for Rime.

sonic9891615d ago

they do own the IP .
they are funding the game .

Kayant1615d ago

"Developed by Tequila Works "Rime" is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe"

MasterCornholio1615d ago

Just buy it for PS4 if you want to play it.


OT: Game looks very beautiful in my opinion. The Witness is also another very pretty looking game. I'm happy that I'll be able to play both on my console.

bleedsoe9mm1615d ago

i've got a ps4 just prefer to buy my digital games on steam if i have a choice and in this case i guess i don't , will be buying it on ps4 .

chrissx1615d ago

Really good looking screens. 1 of the games I'm looking towards

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The story is too old to be commented.