Steam Machines won’t be making their manufacturers a lot of money

Steam Machines are not going to be very profitable for their manufacturers, according to statements made by Alienware and echoed by other companies which are also producing the machines.

XiSasukeUchiha3300d ago

I didn't know that, but that's information i will be using in the future!

ape0073300d ago

the idea of steam machines is a dream come true, a consolized accessible PC however i see that Steammachienes will fail big time(sales wise) because

1-there's no point of getting the low end ones, on par with consoles and without their exclusives

2-no one will get the high end ones, people who do so already built a high end PC

steam machine is an excellent idea, i see sony and MS will copying them next generation (upgradable console), it's easier copying an idea than having a large install base