Adventure Time Battle Party – Open Beta Release Today

Shea Hoffpauer of reports on today's beta release of Adventure Time Battle Party, including comments from the creators and details about the game.

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TheGrimBunny1612d ago

I have to check this out... I love the show if it is anything like the humor in the show, I bet this game will be great!

SheaHoff1612d ago

Some of the characters say quotes from the show, so I definitely got some entertainment out of that!

evilkillerk1612d ago

I mean I enjoy adventure time from time to time but I will have to try it out before I can say its good or not

TheCatsMeow1612d ago

Definitely going to keep an eye out for this.

Skate-AK1612d ago

Can't stand this show. The newer cartoon shows are so bad.

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