Stop Criticizing Nintendo Over Tomodachi Life

CCC Says: "It is not often that I write about particularly controversial topics, but after following the entire debacle surrounding the campaign pushing Nintendo to include gay marriage in the video game Tomodachi Life, I couldn't help myself. I'd like to stress that my views on homosexuality itself neither form the basis of this article, nor do I wish to publicize them. I'm just a casual gamer who strongly believes in the "live and let live" mantra, and would appreciate if my views were not considered to represent Cheat Code Central."

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Emanno1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

No one's gonna take same sex relations seriously if this behaviour continues by messing up the gaming community, including the whole world.

peanut721607d ago

Excellent article. :) We ran an article over at FFG pointing out Nintendo did not apologize to Christians for not including a church, priest, or pastor. My understanding is those things are not in there. Yet they put a fortune teller in Animal Crossing. So they do include things that are considered spiritual.

But then Nintendo has a long history of discrimination against Christians. Denying crosses on tombstones in games, denying games like Bible Adventures, Spiritual Warfare, etc. If anyone has a right to be upset, and deserves an apology its Christians.