Microsoft Veteran Joins Oculus VR

VRFocus - One of Microsoft’s earliest employees has joined Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset maker Oculus VR. Neil Konzen, who was responsible for creating the second version of Windows for the company and helped develop the DONKEY.BAS videogame with Bill Gates in 1981, has signed on with Oculus VR, which is currently prepping to release its second version of its developer kit (DK2).

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miyamoto1705d ago

See! I told you M$ had something to do with Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift!!!

UltraNova1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

You where not the first though.

I said it 100 times before, MS had a hand in this acquisition and that they would never let Sony go at it alone.

E3 is imminent afterall, isn't it time they stole some VR thunder already?

adorie1704d ago

Microsoft piggybacking off the success of others?

darthv721705d ago

who knows, this could lead to a deal for the OR working with the xb1/kinect down the road.

F4sterTh4nFTL1705d ago

Oculus VR is trying everything in its power to be the next big thing and it just might.

Skate-AK1705d ago

Wow. That's a lot of experience.

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