DualShockers Conversations: The Men Behind the Music of Wolfenstein: The New Order

DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes:

"While at this year’s PAX East show in Boston, I got to meet Ed Davis and Jason Menkes who told me all about the music of Wolfenstein: The New Order. We had a really great conversation that night so I asked them if we could get together just before the release of the game to conduct a proper interview for all of you fine folks out there. This is that interview.

One of the main reasons I wanted to do this interview is because of how deeply thoughtout the music for this game is. The New Order takes place in the 1960s in a world controlled by the Nazis. How would music have evolved in such a repressive world? Would Rock and Roll still exist? If so, how would it be altered to suit the Nazi’s message? These are all things that the team had to consider when creating not only the original soundtrack but also the various cover songs heard during the game."

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