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Lee Garbutt: "Super Time Force is definitely a short but sweet performance from Capybara Games. Wearing its pixellated heart on its sleeve, it’s hard not to love everything about STF. As a brand new run-and-gun game it’s a simple one, but add the time manipulation mechanics and it becomes an incredibly refreshing take on an age-old genre. Awesome, dumb fun with a very clever twist."

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incendy351613d ago

It may be short but the re-playability is off the charts.. I already have 28 hours into it and I still haven't gotten even a single level perfected yet. I will make it without dying, I will! I am actually getting pretty close on the Nuclear train level, last time I died 5 times. Which was such an accomplishment :D

Grown Folks Talk1613d ago

I'm still early in, but enjoying it. Nice level of challenge.

1613d ago
GodGinrai1613d ago

bought this last friday. immense fun :)