A Minor But Awesome Visual Detail That You May Have Missed Out In DriveClub

"After the initial delay of the PS4 exclusive, Evolution Studios promised to revamp DriveClub's visuals as best as they could."

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GarrusVakarian1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I noticed that the first time i watched it. It looks like residue left over from windshield cleaner.

I mean....who thinks to include details like that? It's crazy. A little pointless, lol, but still great that they have such a strong focus on detail.

Also, the GIF used in that article is absolutely MIND BOGGLING, i can't believe that is a videogame, it gets me every time i look at it. The dashboard looks photo-realistic, and the environments looks AMAZING. That huge, intimidating mountain, covered in individual 3D trees, the sense of scale is perfect.

Day one.


It is a beautiful game, the Canada forest map was soooo sick! I remember when I saw Forza 5's orange peel in the paint jobs and thought it was terrible design (until my friend told me what Orange peel was) lol. Drive Club has much better looking environments that look and feel equally to the car models with the same visual TLC fidelity!

Iceball20001614d ago

it sort of is a bad design, who wants orange peel on a $300,000 car, or any car for that matter? just saying

GarrusVakarian1614d ago

Another detail in that GIF that might have gone unnoticed is the fact that everything is being reflected in the carbon-fibre trim on the dashboard, including the trim on the dashboard vents.


theshonen88991614d ago

@Iceball2000 That's like asking why do you want to see the pores on a person's face or the cuts and scratches on a piece of armor. Because it's realistic.

Iceball20001614d ago

I'm all for realistic and all but a Ferrari shouldn't look like it's been painted at maco for its $200 paint special, just saying. My new Tacoma doesn't have that bad of an orange peel. It's just too over done in Autovista that's all.



I agree it's somewhat overdone (not every hand painted car have it and it's surelly not all over the car), but your Tacoma body panels are painted by a robot, a Ferrari is painted by humans, artisans that as skilled as they are, can't really always keep the exact same distance, angle and pressure while painting a car, rence creating some orange peel.

Because they choose the more unique, exclusive and costly human hands on many processes, luxury cars like that tend to have many more imperfections on paint, leather stitches and other finishing details that assebly line standard cars got past by automatizing the process, afterall a machine will always be, if nothing else, more consistent.

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sourav931614d ago

Psst...Hey you. Yeah you. Wanna join a club? ;)

GarrusVakarian1614d ago

Add me on PSN. My ID is the same as my username here. We already had an PSN ID exchange in a separate DC article a few weeks ago, planning on setting up a N4G club, lol. Feel free to join.

Scroll down to around the half-way point on this article and add everyone who gave their PSN ID's. Those are all the members so far -

GarrusVakarian1614d ago

Absolutely. I am 100% glad they decided to delay it.

xHeavYx1614d ago

I've seen a lot of little details after watching videos over and over. Game looks great

KillerBanana71614d ago

Man, this game looks stunning!!!! I can't wait to see more of it at E3.

XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

Yep still to the people that were hating on Driveclub here's justice serve on that video and those GIFs!

uth111614d ago

I saw that! Cool work, but a totally unnecessary detail. Hope there's a bottle of windex in the passenger seat :P

waltyftm1614d ago

Would be cool to be able to wash it in a mini game.

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