No Kinect Is A Problem

Is Microsoft ditching the Kinect a bad idea? Come read our thoughts on the Kinect-less Xbox One!

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SpinalRemains1381614d ago

Respectfully disagree 100%.

No Kinect keeps focus on games. Focus on games will result in more sales. Larger base will result in more developers. More developers and no Kinect result in real games and not baby tigers and Justin Beeber.

No Kinect is the best thing MS has done in a long time.

darthv721614d ago you get the feeling that people are reading too much into this. MS are NOT ditching kinect. They are still selling kinect skus and adding in a sku without it.

All I kept hearing was it should be consumer choice. Now that its consumer choice i am hearing how its a bad move.

Make up your mind people.

Excalibur1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I find articles like these nonsense.

Microsoft claims to have 5 millions Xbox Ones sold but the first full fledged Kinct game (Kinect Sports Xbox One) is a complete and utter flop, so much so Microsoft is laying off people from the studio that made the game.
The first Kinect had an abysmal attach rate, why would Kinect 2.0 be any different? Answer because it's a gimmick and it's a gimmick the majority of us don't want.
You Kinect supporters can disagree all you want but let me ask you this, why didn't you support the first Xbox One Kinect game? you had your chance to prove there was a market for kinect and didn't take it.
Instead of blaming those of us that never wanted it forced on us in the first place, you need to be looking at yourselves.

mrpsychoticstalker1614d ago

Having the choice of owning one is great.

I see no problem at all.

So you want the premium edition of Xbox one?
Get the kinect version.