T-ONO: Steins;Gate (PC) Visual Novel Review

Jason Young of T-ONO writes: "Let me start off this review by being honest. When the Steins;Gate anime was originally simulcasted back in 2011 I decided to drop the series, despite being thoroughly entertained, as I knew that the original twenty-four episode adaptation would miss that "special something" as with most novel-to-screen adaptations. I consciously decided to gamble and pray that JAST USA would eventually localize the Steins;Gate visual novel since there were a cornucopia of rumors swirling around the game's potential localization on the Internet. So thus began my long four-year waiting period for the much-anticipated release of the visual novel and in 2014 my hopes were finally answered. After playing through the fifty-hour plus visual novel and watching the follow-up OVA and film I can truly call Steins; Gate for what it is: an epic time travel masterpiece."

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