Far Cry 4′s November Launch Date Is Dangerous Business

GeekParty discusses why Far Cry 4's release date may be a problem.

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WeAreLegion1615d ago

It'll be fine. Unless Rockstar or Bethesda sneaks up on us with a November release, Ubisoft has nothing to worry about.

ATi_Elite1615d ago

No matter when they release it, it's still a rush job to maximize SALES and MONEY!!

They saved time buy using the same engine no problem with that as FarCry3 looked awesome.

But they just changed some colors, characters, dialogue, and mission order then BAM you got a new game.

Pretty much more of the same kinda thing. FarCry 3 was good so Just a re branding of FC3 to FC4 will still make me spend some cash if the story is good enough.

1615d ago
InTheZoneAC1615d ago

who cares...they only care about sales, not some goty tag...

incendy351615d ago

Exactly, sure they would rather have sales. Plus everyone sells GOTY editions so they can just make one up when the time comes :D

spicelicka1615d ago

I think it's not just the tag, it's promotion. Regardless of what people may think of the GOTY awards, they're a good way of advertising the games themselves. They're also important for leaving behind a legacy of the games awarded.

Far cry 3 was an amazing game and had one of the best characters in gaming. I was so mad to not see Vaas nominated for anything. It's actually the award show's fault, why exclude a game just because it was released in december? It's so stupid how they totally just disregarded an amazing game, what if GTA 5 came out in december it never would've been awarded then?

aliengmr1615d ago

Did it stop you from buying the game?

VGA's and GOTY are a joke sponsored by Mt. Dew.

nicksetzer11615d ago

Considering all the potential November releases being pushed back to 2015, I think it will be ok.

Myst-Vearn1615d ago

what a ridiculous article. do companies even care that much about goty award? there HAS been games that received a GOTY edition despite nobody giving them such an award, an example would be Two Worlds II Game of The Year

Sevir1615d ago

This article is stupid. Far Cry 3 sold 6 million across PS3, Xbox 360 and PC... With PC accounting for 1 million units that WEREN'T hacks or pirated.

It's become a bread winner and a mega franchise for Ubi, so having the game launch across 5 platforms in November is gonna Print Ubi 💱💵💵 28181;💵💵

By November there''ll be an estimated 17 million Next Gen Consoles and perhaps 170 million last gen consoles.

Gamers (excluding me) lol, will pick this up along with AC:Unity, Call of Duty:AW and whatever is big and launching in Nov this year.

Considering Ubisoft's decision to Delay "The Division, Theyll have 2 mega franchises to reap the cash this fall like they always do every year.

DanteVFenris6661615d ago

I'll be getting it because farcry 3 was the best fps next to fallout. AC probably not, I bought 4 because of the sailing but heard they were getting rid of it. That's all AC had going for it for me. It's fun but not fun enough to buy every year, sailing was the mechanic that got me back into AC, without it I'd be bored. And never will I buy cod do to even worst problems then AC, yearly releases with no changes. At least AC does innovate.

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The story is too old to be commented.